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How to pronounce amend (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'amend'

To make changes, modifications, or improvements to something, typically a document, law, agreement, or situation.
"The government announced plans to amend the tax laws to stimulate economic growth."

Detailed meaning of 'amend'

When we amend something, we seek to revise or alter it with the intention of correcting errors, addressing deficiencies, or updating its content. Amendments are often made to enhance clarity, accuracy, or relevance. For example, lawmakers may amend a bill to modify certain provisions before it becomes a law. Similarly, individuals may amend a contract to reflect new terms or conditions. The process of amending involves making additions, deletions, or revisions to the existing text or framework. It signifies a deliberate effort to refine or adjust something in order to better align with current needs or desired outcomes. By amending, we strive to improve, rectify, or update a particular aspect, aiming for a more suitable or effective outcome.

History and etymology of 'amend'

The verb 'amend' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'amender,' which is derived from the Latin 'emendare.' In Latin, 'emendare' is a combination of 'e' (meaning 'out') and 'mendum' (meaning 'fault' or 'blemish'). This etymology vividly illustrates the notion of correcting or rectifying a fault or error. As 'amend' evolved in the English language, it came to signify the act of making changes, modifications, or improvements to something, especially in the context of documents, laws, agreements, or situations. Therefore, the word 'amend' carries within it the idea of removing faults or blemishes and enhancing the quality or correctness of the subject at hand.

Example sentences containing 'amend'

1. It is essential to amend the errors in the spreadsheet before presenting it.
2. The team decided to amend the marketing strategy to target a different audience.
3. The city council proposed to amend the zoning regulations to allow for more residential development.
4. The professor requested the students to amend their research papers based on the feedback provided.
5. The organization's constitution requires members to vote in order to amend it.
6. The court ruling led to the need to amend the constitution to protect individual rights.
7. The author decided to amend the final chapter of the book to provide a more satisfying ending.
8. The committee recommended amending the policy to promote inclusivity and diversity.
9. The city council unanimously voted to amend the noise ordinance to reduce disturbances.
10. The shareholders proposed to amend the company's articles of incorporation.
11. The accounting team discovered an error in the financial statements and promptly amended it.
12. The software developer will amend the code to fix the reported bugs.
13. The union negotiated with the company to amend the employment contract for better working conditions.
14. The mayor called for a special session to discuss and amend the city's budget for the upcoming year.



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