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How to pronounce redundancy (audio)

Dictionary definition of redundancy

The state or quality of excessive or unnecessary repetition, duplication, or overlap.
"The report contained a lot of redundancy, with the same information repeated multiple times."

Detailed meaning of redundancy

In various contexts, redundancy can manifest in different ways, such as redundant information in a document, redundant systems in engineering, or redundant job positions in organizations. It signifies the presence of surplus or superfluous elements that serve no essential purpose and can lead to inefficiency or waste. Redundancy is often sought to be minimized or eliminated in order to streamline processes, enhance clarity, optimize resource utilization, and ensure optimal performance. By identifying and removing redundancy, whether it be in language, technology, or organizational structures, individuals and entities strive to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their endeavors.

Example sentences containing redundancy

1. The company implemented a redundancy plan to reduce costs and streamline operations.
2. The redundancy in his speech made it difficult to understand his main points.
3. The IT system had built-in redundancy to ensure uninterrupted operation in case of failures.
4. After the merger, several departments faced redundancy as their functions overlapped.
5. The manager decided to eliminate the redundancy in the team by reassigning tasks.
6. The redundancy of having two identical backup servers provided added security.

History and etymology of redundancy

The noun 'redundancy' has its roots in Latin and Old French. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'redundantia,' which is derived from 'redundare,' meaning 'to overflow' or 'to abound.' The Latin term 'redundantia' referred to an overflow or excess of something. In Old French, it evolved into 'redundance,' with a similar meaning of excess or overflow. Over time, in English, 'redundancy' came to denote the state or quality of excessive or unnecessary repetition, duplication, or overlap. This etymology highlights the idea of something overflowing or exceeding what is needed, which aligns with the concept of redundancy in language or systems, where there is more than is necessary, resulting in repetition or duplication.

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Further usage examples of redundancy

1. The professor criticized the student's essay for its excessive redundancy and lack of conciseness.
2. The government announced a voluntary redundancy scheme for public sector employees.
3. The author edited the manuscript to remove any redundancy and improve clarity.
4. The redundancy of having two separate heating systems seemed unnecessary.
5. The speaker's constant redundancy detracted from the impact of their message.
6. The organization implemented a redundancy policy to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.
7. The redundancy in the data storage system ensured that no information would be lost.
8. The employee faced redundancy after the company downsized its workforce.
9. The redundancy in her speech made it hard to follow.
10. Redundancy in the code can lead to software errors.
11. The meeting was filled with redundancy, covering old topics.
12. The redundancy in his writing detracted from its clarity.
13. The company faced financial challenges due to redundancy.
14. Redundancy can be eliminated through efficient processes.
15. His redundancy at work was unexpected and unsettling.
16. The redundancy of their arguments made the discussion tedious.
17. Automated systems can help reduce redundancy in data entry.
18. Avoiding redundancy is essential for effective communication.
19. She struggled with redundancy in her job tasks.
20. We need to address redundancy issues in our network.
21. Redundancy often results in wasted time and resources.
22. The redundancy in the report made it overly lengthy.
23. The redundancy of his apologies lost their sincerity.
24. The company offered support to employees facing redundancy.
25. The redundancy of his wardrobe was evident in his closet.
26. Redundancy can lead to confusion and errors in writing.
27. The redundancy of his daily routine bored him.
28. Redundancy in the supply chain caused delays in production.



superfluity, necessity, essential, requisite


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