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How to pronounce surplus (audio)


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Dictionary definition of surplus

An excess or amount of something that is left over or beyond what is needed or required.
"The food surplus from the harvest was donated to the local food bank."

Detailed meaning of surplus

It can apply to various contexts, such as economic surplus, food surplus, or military surplus. In economics, a surplus can refer to an excess of supply over demand, which may lead to lower prices and increased competition. In agriculture, a food surplus can refer to the excess production of crops or livestock that cannot be consumed or sold. In military contexts, a surplus can refer to the excess equipment or supplies that are no longer needed for active duty. Overall, the noun surplus implies an abundance or excess of something that is not necessary or useful, and may require action to dispose of or utilize in a productive way.

Example sentences containing surplus

1. The farmer was pleased with the surplus of crops this year.
2. Due to our efficient budgeting, we ended the fiscal year with a surplus.
3. We must find a way to distribute this food surplus to those in need.
4. The recent technological advances have led to a surplus in electronic waste.
5. The office has a surplus of stationery that we need to use up.
6. In the aftermath of the harvest, the village had a surplus of grain.

History and etymology of surplus

The noun 'surplus' traces its etymological roots to both Latin and French. It ultimately comes from the Latin word 'superplus,' where 'super' means 'above' or 'beyond,' and 'plus' means 'more.' This Latin term was later adopted into Old French as 'surplus,' carrying forward the same meaning of an excess or amount that exceeds what is needed or required. In English, 'surplus' retained its original sense of surplus or excess. The etymology of 'surplus' reflects the idea of something extra or leftover, emphasizing its abundance beyond necessity. It serves as a testament to how language evolves and incorporates words from different languages while retaining their fundamental meanings.

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Further usage examples of surplus

1. The city's treasury showed a surplus for the first time in years.
2. There's a surplus of chairs in this room; we should move some out.
3. With a surplus of electricity, the country started exporting energy.
4. She looked in the fridge, surprised to find a surplus of eggs.
5. The toy store had a surplus of stuffed animals after Christmas.
6. The recent decline in tourists left a surplus of hotel rooms.
7. Due to overproduction, we now have a surplus of t-shirts in our warehouse.
8. The surplus of rainfall this season will aid in replenishing the dried-up lake.
9. My grandfather's attic has a surprising surplus of vintage records.
10. The factory’s surplus was stored in a large, off-site warehouse.
11. My garden has a surplus of tomatoes, so I am canning them for winter.
12. Following the budget cuts, the school ended up with a surplus of outdated textbooks.
13. The bakery had a surplus of bread, which was then donated to the local food bank.
14. A sudden surplus in the market caused the prices of goods to plummet.
15. The surplus of goods in the market caused prices to drop.
16. The military surplus store sells equipment and gear no longer needed by the military.
17. The company had a surplus of inventory due to slow sales.
18. The government had a budget surplus due to increased tax revenue.
19. The surplus of applicants made the selection process more competitive.



excess, deficit, shortage, lack


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