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How to pronounce relocate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of relocate

To move or transfer to a new place or location.
"The company decided to relocate its headquarters to a larger city."

Detailed meaning of relocate

It involves the process of physically shifting oneself, one's belongings, or an entire organization to a different geographical area. Relocation can occur due to various reasons, such as seeking better opportunities, pursuing a job offer, changing residence, or responding to specific circumstances like natural disasters or conflicts. It typically involves careful planning, logistics, and arrangements to ensure a smooth transition. Relocating may encompass finding a new home, securing new accommodations, transferring possessions, and adapting to a different environment. It often requires adjusting to a new community, establishing connections, and familiarizing oneself with the local surroundings. Relocation can be a significant life event, involving both practical and emotional considerations, as individuals or entities embark on a fresh chapter in a different setting.

Example sentences containing relocate

1. After years of living in the countryside, they decided to relocate to the bustling city.
2. The family had to relocate due to their father's job transfer.
3. She relocated her art studio to a more spacious and inspiring location.
4. The organization plans to relocate its manufacturing plant to a more cost-effective region.
5. They decided to relocate their business to a more central location for better visibility.
6. The company offered to relocate its employees to a new branch office.

History and etymology of relocate

The verb 'relocate' is a relatively modern term, coined by combining the prefix 're-' meaning 'again' or 'back' with the word 'locate,' which originates from the Latin word 'locatus,' the past participle of 'locare,' meaning 'to place' or 'to put.' When these elements are brought together, 'relocate' conveys the notion of placing something or someone again, but in a different location. This etymology aptly captures the concept of moving or transferring to a new place or location, emphasizing the idea of placing oneself or something anew in an alternative setting or position, highlighting the act of changing one's physical presence or position.

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Further usage examples of relocate

1. Due to the hurricane, residents were forced to relocate to safer areas.
2. He relocated to a different country to pursue his dream job.
3. After retiring, they decided to relocate to a warmer climate for their golden years.
4. The university encouraged students to relocate for a semester abroad program.
5. The military personnel were instructed to relocate to a different base.
6. The startup company decided to relocate to a tech hub to access better resources.
7. The artist decided to relocate his gallery to a more vibrant art district.
8. The government implemented a plan to relocate endangered wildlife to protected habitats.
9. The company decided to relocate its headquarters.
10. They had to relocate due to a change in job location.
11. The family plans to relocate to a warmer climate.
12. The factory will relocate to a more cost-effective area.
13. She hopes to relocate closer to her family.
14. The decision to relocate the store was a strategic one.
15. They will relocate their office to a larger space.
16. The school board voted to relocate the school campus.
17. The military unit is preparing to relocate overseas.
18. The zoo had to relocate the animals during renovations.
19. They needed to relocate the conference to a bigger venue.
20. The refugees were forced to relocate to a safer area.
21. The museum had to relocate its priceless artifacts.
22. The company will relocate some employees to a new branch.
23. The government will relocate the affected residents.
24. The construction project will force us to relocate temporarily.
25. They plan to relocate the factory closer to suppliers.
26. The decision to relocate the library sparked controversy.
27. They had to relocate the event due to bad weather.
28. The company's expansion will require them to relocate.



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