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How to pronounce transfer (audio)

Dictionary definition of transfer

To move or convey something or someone from one place, person, or situation to another.
"I need to transfer money from my savings account to my checking account."

Detailed meaning of transfer

It involves the relocation or shifting of an object, information, responsibility, ownership, or any other form of entity. The transfer process typically implies a change in location, possession, or control. This action can occur physically, such as transferring an item from one person's hand to another, or metaphorically, such as transferring knowledge or authority from one individual to another. Transferring can involve various modes, including transportation, transmission, handover, or transition, depending on the context. The purpose of transferring is often to facilitate the exchange, redistribution, or reassignment of resources, rights, duties, or functions, leading to a transfer of ownership, power, or influence.

Example sentences containing transfer

1. Please transfer the files from the old computer to the new one.
2. The bank will transfer the funds to your account.
3. He needs to transfer his membership to a different gym.
4. Can you transfer the call to the customer service department?
5. The student will transfer to a different school next semester.
6. She will transfer her knowledge and skills to the new team members.

History and etymology of transfer

The verb 'transfer' originates from the Latin word 'transferre,' which combines 'trans,' meaning 'across' or 'beyond,' with 'ferre,' meaning 'to carry' or 'to bring.' This Latin term, 'transferre,' signifies the act of moving or conveying something or someone from one place, person, or situation to another. As it made its way into the English language, 'transfer' retained its fundamental meaning, representing the process of shifting or relocating entities between different locations, individuals, or circumstances. The etymology of 'transfer' underscores its enduring role in facilitating the movement and exchange of people, objects, or concepts across various contexts, reflecting the dynamic nature of human interactions and logistics.

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Further usage examples of transfer

1. The company will transfer the employee to a different department.
2. They decided to transfer ownership of the property to their children.
3. Please transfer the funds to the designated charity account.
4. The athlete wants to transfer to a more competitive team.
5. The patient will transfer to a rehabilitation center for further treatment.
6. The airline will transfer your luggage to the connecting flight.
7. The professor will transfer the lecture notes to the online platform.
8. They plan to transfer the project responsibilities to a different team.
9. The embassy will transfer the visa application to the appropriate consulate.
10. The IT department will transfer the data to the new server.
11. The manager will transfer the employee's request to the HR department.
12. Can you transfer the image from your phone to the computer?
13. The school will transfer the student's records to the new district.
14. The company will transfer the manufacturing process to a different facility.



relocate, retain, keep, hold


Prefix trans-, ACT 12 (American College Testing), Wholeness and Completion, Movement and Flow

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