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traitor, loyalist, ally, supporter


Character Traits and Behavior, Middle School 13, Emancipation and Rebellion



How to pronounce renegade (audio)


Dictionary definition of renegade

A person who has abandoned or betrayed their previous allegiance, group, or principles, often to join or support a different and opposing faction or cause.
"She was a renegade worker and sold company secrets to the competition."

Detailed meaning of renegade

Renegades are typically seen as individuals who have broken away from a group, organization, or ideology that they were once part of, often adopting beliefs or actions contrary to their former affiliation. This term carries a connotation of defiance, rebellion, or a deviation from the expected or accepted path. Renegades may be regarded as traitors or mavericks, depending on the context and perspective, and they often challenge established norms or authorities. The term is used in various contexts, from politics and ideology to pop culture, to describe those who have made a dramatic shift in their allegiance or beliefs.

Example sentences containing renegade

1. The renegade soldier decided to defy his commander's orders.
2. As a young man, he was seen as a renegade in his conservative family.
3. The group of renegade hackers was finally caught by the cyber police.
4. She admired the spirit of the renegade artists of the 1960s.
5. The town had a longstanding fear of the renegade outlaw.
6. There was a renegade faction within the political party, advocating for radical reforms.

History and etymology of renegade

The term 'renegade' has a fascinating etymology that traces its origins to the Spanish language. It derives from the Spanish word 'renegado,' which itself has its roots in the Medieval Latin word 'renegatus.' In this context, 'renegatus' was used to describe someone who had renounced or denied their faith, particularly in reference to those who converted from Christianity to Islam during the Middle Ages. Over time, this notion of abandoning one's beliefs or allegiances evolved, and 'renegade' came to describe a person who had forsaken their previous group, principles, or affiliations to align with a different and often opposing faction or cause. Thus, the term carries a rich historical connotation of radical change and defiance of established norms.

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Further usage examples of renegade

1. With his renegade attitude, he stood out in the conformist society.
2. The renegade agent risked his life to expose the agency's corrupt practices.
3. The king was determined to crush the renegade rebels who threatened his reign.
4. His renegade tactics in the boardroom often led to unexpected successes.
5. The renegade scientist developed a cure, disregarding the restrictions imposed by the medical board.
6. In her teenage years, she was a renegade, always challenging the status quo.
7. The ancient tale tells of a renegade prince who turned against his own kingdom.
8. As a renegade within the fashion industry, her designs were shockingly unconventional.
9. The sheriff chased the renegade through the desert on horseback.
10. The renegade cells in the body led to an unexpected disease.
11. His renegade spirit made him a legend in the rock music scene.
12. The story of the renegade robot who gained self-awareness became a bestseller.
13. The renegade gang was finally apprehended after a high-speed chase.
14. She lived her life as a renegade, defying societal norms and expectations.

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