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How to pronounce repose (audio)


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Dictionary definition of repose

A state of rest, tranquility, or relaxation, often characterized by a peaceful and untroubled state of being.
"The cat lay in peaceful repose on the windowsill."


Detailed meaning of repose

When someone is in repose, they are at rest, both physically and mentally, and their demeanor reflects a serene and undisturbed state. Repose may be associated with lying down comfortably or taking a break from activity, but it extends beyond physical rest to encompass a sense of mental calm and emotional serenity. This term conveys a feeling of quietude, often contrasted with the hustle and bustle of daily life, and it signifies a respite from exertion or agitation, emphasizing the importance of rest and tranquility for maintaining well-being and inner balance.

Example sentences containing repose

1. She found solace in the peaceful repose of her garden.
2. After a long day, he sought repose in his favorite armchair.
3. The cat's gentle repose on the windowsill was a comforting sight.
4. The lake's serene repose mirrored the tranquility of the forest.
5. The old oak tree offered a perfect spot for repose.
6. In the stillness of the night, he found repose in meditation.

History and etymology of repose

The noun 'repose' has its origins in the Latin word 'repositus,' which is a combination of 're-' meaning 'again' and 'ponere' meaning 'to place' or 'to put.' In Latin, 'repositus' referred to the act of placing something again or in a particular position, and it later evolved to include the idea of a state of rest or tranquility. In English, 'repose' was adopted in the 15th century to describe a state of rest, tranquility, or relaxation, often characterized by a peaceful and untroubled state of being. The etymology of 'repose' underscores its historical connection to the concept of finding rest and tranquility by placing oneself in a peaceful and undisturbed state, emphasizing the idea of relaxation and serenity.

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Further usage examples of repose

1. The ancient temple provided a sacred space for repose.
2. Her bedroom was a sanctuary of repose and relaxation.
3. The artist captured the essence of repose in her painting.
4. The cemetery's solemn repose offered a sense of closure.
5. The ocean's rhythmic waves provided a soothing lullaby for repose.
6. The park bench became a place of repose for weary travelers.
7. The mountain cabin was a haven of repose amidst nature's beauty.
8. He sought repose in the pages of a good book.
9. The church's peaceful repose welcomed all seeking solace.
10. The hammock swayed gently, inviting repose on a lazy afternoon.
11. The hotel room offered a haven of repose after a day of travel.
12. The garden's blossoms added color to the scene of repose.
13. The spa's luxurious amenities were designed for ultimate repose.
14. The ancient ruins held an air of historic repose.
15. The river's slow meander created a sense of repose.
16. The mountain lake reflected the serene repose of the landscape.
17. The cozy cabin in the woods was a place of perfect repose.
18. The desert's stark beauty had a unique sense of repose.
19. Her laughter filled the room with an infectious sense of repose.



rest, agitation, unrest, disturbance


SAT 15 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 14, Composure and Amiability

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