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How to pronounce repressive (audio)


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Dictionary definition of repressive

Characterized by the exercise of authority, control, or power in a harsh, oppressive, or restrictive manner.
"The repressive government silenced all forms of opposition through strict censorship."

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Detailed meaning of repressive

It denotes a system, government, or behavior that suppresses or curtails individual freedoms, rights, or expressions. A repressive regime or society often employs strict regulations, censorship, surveillance, and punishment to maintain its authority and suppress dissenting voices. It creates an environment where people are afraid to speak their minds or challenge the established norms and policies. Repressive actions and policies can lead to the violation of human rights, limited civil liberties, and a climate of fear and intimidation. The consequences of a repressive system can include social unrest, political instability, and the stifling of creativity, innovation, and progress.

Example sentences containing repressive

1. Living under a repressive regime, the citizens felt suffocated and deprived of basic freedoms.
2. The repressive laws forbade any public gatherings or protests.
3. The journalist faced repressive measures for exposing government corruption.
4. The repressive regime tightly controlled the media, manipulating information to suit its agenda.
5. Students staged a protest against the repressive educational policies.
6. The repressive measures imposed by the ruler sparked widespread outrage.

History and etymology of repressive

The adjective 'repressive' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'repressivus,' which is derived from 'reprimere.' This Latin term consists of 're,' meaning 'back,' and 'primere,' meaning 'to press.' The essence of the word lies in the act of pressing something back or restraining it. In the context of governance or authority, 'repressive' describes a regime or system that exercises control, authority, or power in a harsh, oppressive, or restrictive manner. The term's etymology underscores the idea of forcefully pressing down on individual freedoms or expressions, mirroring the historical and societal implications of such systems.

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Further usage examples of repressive

1. Dissenters were subjected to repressive tactics, including surveillance and intimidation.
2. The repressive society suppressed any form of artistic expression that challenged the status quo.
3. The repressive laws imposed severe penalties for expressing dissenting opinions.
4. The repressive government systematically violated human rights, targeting minority groups.
5. The citizens lived in fear, constantly under the watchful eye of the repressive regime.
6. The repressive policies stifled economic growth and innovation in the country.
7. The repressive leader maintained power through a network of loyal supporters and secret police.
8. People yearned for a more open and inclusive society, free from repressive controls and restrictions.
9. The repressive regime stifled freedom of speech and assembly.
10. Citizens protested against the repressive government policies.
11. The repressive measures limited individual rights and freedoms.
12. The repressive laws led to widespread social discontent.
13. The organization sought to challenge repressive social norms.
14. Under the repressive regime, dissent was met with severe consequences.
15. The repressive atmosphere discouraged artistic expression.
16. Activists fought for an end to the repressive rule.
17. The repressive censorship of the media raised concerns about free speech.
18. The regime's repressive tactics sparked international outrage.
19. The repressive state of affairs hindered economic growth.
20. People yearned for an end to the repressive control over their lives.
21. Reforms were needed to dismantle the repressive power structures.
22. The repressive society made it difficult to voice dissenting opinions.
23. Reversing the repressive policies was a top priority for activists.



oppressive, liberating, permissive, lenient


Community and Society, Dominance and Dissent, Turmoil and Treachery, Power and Control

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