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How to pronounce autocratic (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'autocratic'

Characterized by a single ruler or authority figure who holds complete power and control over the decision-making process.
"The autocratic leader made all decisions without consulting his advisors."

Detailed Meaning of 'autocratic'

It refers to a situation where one person or a small group of people have absolute authority over others, and may make decisions without seeking input or advice from others. An autocratic system may be characterized by a lack of checks and balances on the power of the ruling authority, and may rely on the use of force or coercion to maintain control. The term 'autocratic' can also be used to describe a person or organization that exhibits these same characteristics of absolute control and lack of input or collaboration. Overall, the term 'autocratic' is used to describe a system or individual that values complete control and authority over others, often at the expense of democracy and individual freedom.

History and Etymology of 'autocratic'

The adjective 'autocratic' has its origins in the Greek language. It is derived from the Greek word 'autokratēs,' which combines 'auto,' meaning 'self,' and 'kratos,' meaning 'power' or 'rule.' Thus, 'autocratic' can be etymologically understood as 'self-power' or 'self-rule.' This term is used to describe a form of governance characterized by a single ruler or authority figure who holds complete and unchallenged power and control over the decision-making process within a state or organization. The etymology of 'autocratic' highlights the concentration of power in the hands of one individual, emphasizing their self-reliance and dominance in shaping the course of governance and policy.

Examples of 'autocratic' in a Sentence

1. Transitioning from autocratic to democratic governance is challenging.
2. The autocratic regime suppressed civil liberties and human rights.
3. Many nations have moved away from autocratic rule toward democracy.
4. The autocratic ruler's decisions were met with widespread protests.
5. Autocratic systems concentrate authority in the hands of a single leader.
6. Under autocratic leadership, dissent is often met with harsh consequences.
7. Autocratic regimes prioritize stability and control over individual freedoms.
8. The autocratic monarch ruled with an iron fist for decades.
9. Autocratic leaders tend to resist checks and balances on their power.
10. The autocratic regime's policies sparked international condemnation.
11. Transitioning to democracy requires dismantling autocratic institutions.
12. Citizens demanded greater political participation in the autocratic state.
13. Autocratic governments may maintain power through force and coercion.
14. The autocratic ruler's grip on power remained unchallenged for years.
15. He had an autocratic management style and did not allow his employees to speak their minds.
16. The autocratic government was marked by a lack of democratic institutions.
17. The autocratic ruler's rule was marked by a lack of political freedoms and human rights abuses.
18. He had an autocratic approach to decision making and did not tolerate any opposition.
19. The autocratic regime's control over the media led to widespread censorship.
20. The autocratic leader's rule was marked by a cult of personality.
21. The autocratic government was criticized for its lack of transparency and accountability.
22. The company's employees disliked the new chairman's autocratic style.
23. The autocratic ruler's rule was marked by widespread poverty and economic mismanagement.
24. The autocratic leader's leadership style was marked by an obsession with control and power.
25. The autocratic regime's strict laws and regulations led to widespread corruption.
26. The autocratic leader's rule was marked by a lack of political freedoms and civil liberties.





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