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criticism, commendation, praise, approval


Conduct and Character, Problems and Conundrums, Disdain and Contempt, Disapproval and Disrespect



How to pronounce reproach (audio)


Dictionary definition of reproach

The act of expressing disapproval or disappointment with someone's actions or behavior.
"The company faced public reproach for their unethical practices."

Detailed meaning of reproach

It can also refer to the feeling of shame or guilt that one experiences as a result of their own actions.

Reproach is often characterized by a sense of disappointment or dissatisfaction, and it may be accompanied by verbal or nonverbal cues such as a frown, a sigh, or a stern look. It is a way of communicating dissatisfaction or disappointment, and it can be directed at oneself or others.

Reproach can be constructive or destructive, it can be used to correct mistakes and help people to improve, or it can be used to tear people down and make them feel guilty.

Reproach can be delivered in a gentle, caring way or it can be harsh and critical. It all depends on the tone and the context.

Example sentences containing reproach

1. Her eyes held a hint of reproach as she gazed at him.
2. The teacher's reproach stung harder than any punishment.
3. He couldn't bear the reproach in his mother's voice.
4. Despite his achievements, he couldn't escape the shadow of reproach.
5. The reproach in his words cut through her defenses.
6. The team's failure was met with the reproach of their fans.

History and etymology of reproach

The noun 'reproach' has its etymological origins in Old French and Latin. It is derived from the Old French word 'reproche,' which means 'blame' or 'accusation.' This term, in turn, comes from the Latin word 'reproachare,' which is formed by combining 're-' (again) and 'pro-' (forward) with 'loqui' (to speak). In Latin, 'reproachare' originally meant to bring something back into discussion or to rebuke someone by speaking against their actions. Over time, 'reproche' in Old French and 'reproach' in English came to signify the act of expressing disapproval or disappointment with someone's actions or behavior, often through words or actions that convey blame or censure. The etymology of 'reproach' effectively conveys the concept of expressing disapproval or disappointment, emphasizing the idea of addressing someone's actions or behavior through verbal criticism or rebuke.

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Further usage examples of reproach

1. His actions brought reproach upon the entire family.
2. The reproach in his tone hinted at years of pent-up frustration.
3. Her work ethic was beyond reproach, and she was a valued member of the team.
4. His reproach was justified, given the magnitude of the mistake.
5. The reproach in her eyes was a reflection of her wounded pride.
6. They were met with reproach from their peers for their reckless behavior.
7. The politician's actions drew reproach from both sides of the aisle.
8. The coach's reproach motivated the team to work harder.
9. The artist's work was met with both praise and reproach from critics.
10. His integrity was beyond reproach, and he was respected by all who knew him.
11. The company's safety record was beyond reproach, and they were considered a leader in their industry.
12. His reputation as a fair and honest businessman was beyond reproach.
13. Her commitment to social justice was beyond reproach and she was a role model for many.
14. The organization's transparency and accountability were beyond reproach.
15. His dedication to his craft was beyond reproach and he was considered a master in his field.
16. Her professionalism was beyond reproach and she was highly respected in her field.
17. The company's environmental record was beyond reproach and they were commended for their sustainability efforts.
18. His commitment to public service was beyond reproach and he was widely admired.
19. Her dedication to her patients was beyond reproach and she was considered one of the best in her field.
20. The school's academic standards were beyond reproach, and it was considered one of the best in the country.

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