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oppose, surrender, yield, comply


Fortitude and Rebellion, Determination and Tenacity, Perseverance and Fortitude, Domination and Power



How to pronounce resist (audio)


Dictionary definition of resist

To oppose or withstand something or someone, typically in an attempt to prevent its influence, control, or impact.
"He had to resist the desire to quit when faced with numerous obstacles."

Detailed meaning of resist

It involves the conscious effort to withstand or fight against a force, pressure, temptation, or influence that is perceived as unwanted, harmful, or undesirable. When someone resists, they demonstrate a determination to defend their beliefs, values, or rights, and to maintain their autonomy or independence. Resistance can manifest in various forms, such as physical resistance, where one uses physical force to oppose something, or psychological resistance, where one employs mental strength or willpower to withstand external or internal pressures. People may resist for various reasons, including protecting their individuality, maintaining their principles, advocating for social change, or challenging oppressive systems. Whether in personal, social, or political contexts, resistance often implies a struggle or a fight against an opposing force, demonstrating the human capacity for resilience, persistence, and defiance in the face of challenges.

Example sentences containing resist

1. Despite the tempting aroma, she managed to resist the urge to eat another slice of cake.
2. The protesters vowed to resist the government's unjust policies.
3. He had to resist the impulse to lash out in anger.
4. The child couldn't resist the urge to reach out and touch the colorful candies.
5. She tried to resist the persuasive arguments but eventually gave in.
6. The soldiers trained extensively to resist enemy attacks.

History and etymology of resist

The verb 'resist' can be traced back to the Latin word 'resistere,' which is a combination of 're,' indicating 'back' or 'against,' and 'sistere,' meaning 'to stand.' Therefore, the etymology of 'resist' implies the act of standing against or opposing something. In its contemporary usage, 'resist' denotes the action of opposing or withstanding something or someone, often in an attempt to prevent their influence, control, or impact. This etymology underscores the notion of standing firm in the face of opposition, emphasizing the act of holding one's ground against external forces or pressures.

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Further usage examples of resist

1. He tried to resist the temptation to check his phone during the meeting.
2. They were determined to resist the pressure to conform and be true to themselves.
3. The activist refused to resist speaking up for what she believed in.
4. The magnetic force was too strong for the small magnet to resist.
5. She struggled to resist the pull of nostalgia as she sorted through old photographs.
6. She couldn't resist the temptation of chocolate.
7. He decided to resist peer pressure and stay true to himself.
8. It's hard to resist the allure of a good book.
9. The team vowed to resist the opposing team's offense.
10. She had to resist the urge to check her phone constantly.
11. He tried to resist the urge to comment on the situation.
12. It's challenging to resist the call of the ocean.
13. The protesters will resist any attempt to silence them.
14. He couldn't resist the opportunity to prove himself.
15. She couldn't resist smiling at the adorable puppy.
16. They decided to resist the new policy at work.
17. It's important to resist making hasty decisions.
18. The tree's roots resist erosion from the river.
19. She couldn't resist the charm of the old town.
20. The superhero will resist evil at all costs.
21. He tried to resist the influence of negative people.
22. It's crucial to resist distractions while studying.
23. The group will resist any form of discrimination.
24. She couldn't resist laughing at his silly jokes.
25. They vowed to resist any attempts to divide them.

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