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confront, avoid, retreat, flee



How to pronounce combat (audio)

Dictionary definition of combat

To actively engage in a fight or conflict, typically with the aim of overcoming or defeating an adversary or a challenging situation.
"The student sought professional help to combat anxiety and improve mental well-being."

Detailed meaning of combat

It involves using various strategies, tactics, and physical or mental efforts to counteract and subdue opposition or threats. Combat can take place in different contexts, including military operations, sports competitions, or even metaphorically in the context of battling against societal issues or personal obstacles. It often entails direct confrontation, decisive actions, and the application of specialized skills or weaponry. Combat requires courage, discipline, and determination, as individuals or groups strive to gain the upper hand and achieve victory over their opponents. Whether on a battlefield, in a sporting arena, or in the face of personal struggles, combat represents the resolute and determined effort to overcome challenges and emerge triumphant.

Example sentences of combat

1. The soldiers trained rigorously to combat the enemy forces.
2. The boxer used his speed and agility to combat his opponent's powerful punches.
3. The firefighters worked tirelessly to combat the raging flames and save the building.
4. The government implemented strict measures to combat the spread of the virus.
5. The athlete underwent intense training to combat fatigue and improve endurance.
6. The activists organized protests to combat social injustice and inequality.

History and etymology of combat

The verb 'combat' finds its etymological origins in Old French and ultimately traces back to Latin. In Old French, it was 'commbattre,' derived from the Latin word 'combattere,' which combines 'com,' meaning 'together,' and 'battere,' meaning 'to beat' or 'to strike.' This etymology vividly conveys the notion of individuals coming together in a struggle, actively engaging in a fight or conflict with the aim of overcoming or defeating an adversary or a challenging situation. 'Combat' reflects the idea of intense and purposeful action against opposition, and its historical roots emphasize the physical and determined nature of such confrontations.

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Further usage examples of combat

1. The detective employed various tactics to combat organized crime in the city.
2. The conservationists joined forces to combat illegal poaching and protect endangered species.
3. The company developed innovative technology to combat cyber threats and enhance security.
4. The team implemented a new strategy to combat their opponents' aggressive playstyle.
5. The doctor prescribed medication and lifestyle changes to combat high blood pressure.
6. The soldiers will combat the enemy forces.
7. She must combat her fear of public speaking.
8. They aim to combat poverty in the community.
9. He tried to combat the wildfire with a hose.
10. Scientists work to combat infectious diseases.
11. The team must combat their losing streak.
12. We need to combat misinformation with facts.
13. He decided to combat stress with meditation.
14. The superhero will combat the supervillain.
15. Diplomacy can help combat international conflicts.
16. The police are trained to combat crime.
17. To combat obesity, she started a fitness regime.
18. Our strategy is to combat inflation head-on.
19. The firefighters worked tirelessly to combat the blaze.
20. They launched an initiative to combat hunger.
21. It's crucial to combat discrimination in all forms.
22. We must combat inequality and promote justice.
23. The antivirus software helps combat cyber threats.
24. Education is a powerful tool to combat ignorance.



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