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Definition of 'responsive'

Reacting quickly, readily, and appropriately to stimuli, requests, or changes in the environment.
"The touchscreen on the smartphone is incredibly responsive to touch gestures."

Detailed Meaning of 'responsive'

It implies an active and attentive nature that is receptive and sensitive to external factors. When something is considered responsive, it indicates its ability to adapt, adjust, or provide a timely and suitable response to a given situation or interaction. For example, a responsive website or application is designed to seamlessly and efficiently adapt to different screen sizes or user interactions. Similarly, a responsive person is attentive and empathetic, demonstrating a willingness to listen, understand, and address the needs or concerns of others. In a broader context, responsiveness can also pertain to systems, organizations, or processes that demonstrate efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility in addressing demands or changes. Overall, the term 'responsive' signifies a quality of being quick, adaptable, and attentive in meeting or addressing various requirements or stimuli.


Examples of 'responsive' in a Sentence

1. The customer service team was highly responsive, addressing inquiries promptly.
2. The baby smiled in response to her mother's loving and responsive care.
3. The car's brakes were very responsive, allowing for quick stops.
4. The teacher praised the student for their responsive and active participation in class.
5. The website's live chat feature provided responsive support to users in real-time.
6. The artist's work evoked a responsive emotional reaction from viewers.

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Origins & Etymology of 'responsive'

The adjective 'responsive' is derived from the verb 'respond,' which, as previously explained, has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'respondere.' 'Respondere' is a compound of 're,' meaning 'back' or 'again,' and 'spondere,' meaning 'to pledge' or 'to promise.' Therefore, the etymology of 'responsive' is rooted in the idea of pledging or promising something back in return when stimulated or prompted. In its contemporary usage, 'responsive' describes the quality of reacting quickly, readily, and appropriately to stimuli, requests, or changes in the environment. This term's etymology highlights the notion of giving a timely and fitting response, aligning with its original concept of promising a reply when called upon.


How to pronounce responsive (audio)


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