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How to pronounce dynamic (audio)


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Dictionary definition of dynamic

Characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.
"The dynamic leader inspired his team with a clear vision and a passion for achieving collective goals."

Detailed meaning of dynamic

When applied to a person or a system, it suggests a high level of energy, adaptability, and enthusiasm. A dynamic individual is often proactive, engaging, and capable of quickly adjusting to new situations or challenges. Similarly, a dynamic system is one that is constantly evolving, responsive to external influences, and capable of generating positive momentum. This term implies a sense of vitality, movement, and a willingness to embrace innovation and growth. In essence, "dynamic" conveys a vibrant and lively quality, capturing the essence of a state or entity that is not static but actively engaged in ongoing development and transformation.

Example sentences containing dynamic

1. The startup company has a dynamic team that constantly innovates and adapts to new challenges.
2. The concert was amazing, thanks to the dynamic performance of the lead singer.
3. The city's dynamic culture reflects a rich blend of history and modern influences.
4. The software’s dynamic interface adjusts according to the user's preferences.
5. The conference included a range of dynamic speakers who engaged the audience with insightful discussions.
6. The market is dynamic, and businesses must be prepared to adjust their strategies accordingly.

History and etymology of dynamic

The adjective 'dynamic' has an etymology that can be traced back to the Greek word 'dynamis,' which means 'power' or 'force.' In ancient Greek philosophy, 'dynamis' was used to describe the potential or capacity for change or activity within an object or system. This Greek term is rooted in the verb 'dunamai,' meaning 'to be able' or 'to have the power to do something.' Therefore, the etymology of 'dynamic' conveys the concept of being characterized by constant change, activity, or progress, in alignment with the inherent power or force to initiate and sustain such changes. The word 'dynamic' is widely used to describe systems, individuals, and processes that exhibit a vibrant and evolving nature, reflecting their capacity for activity and progress over time.

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Further usage examples of dynamic

1. His dynamic leadership revitalized the company and set it on a path of growth.
2. The dynamic nature of technology requires continuous learning and adaptation.
3. The dance routine was incredibly dynamic, with high-energy movements and intricate choreography.
4. The economic policies should be dynamic to respond to the changing needs of the population.
5. The artist’s dynamic use of color brings an element of energy and vibrancy to the painting.
6. Students benefit from a dynamic learning environment that encourages critical thinking and collaboration.
7. The football player is known for his dynamic style, easily adapting his play to different situations.
8. The neighborhood has undergone a dynamic transformation, with new restaurants and shops opening.
9. With a dynamic career spanning decades, the actress has played an array of diverse roles.
10. The dynamic market demands adaptability from businesses.
11. Their dynamic approach to problem-solving impressed everyone.
12. A dynamic team can overcome any challenge.
13. The dynamic cityscape is always evolving.
14. The dynamic leader inspired her team to excel.
15. In a dynamic world, innovation is essential.
16. The dynamic startup attracted investors quickly.
17. A dynamic economy requires agile strategies.
18. The dynamic music festival drew thousands of attendees.
19. His dynamic personality made him a great leader.
20. The dynamic classroom environment promotes learning.
21. Dynamic individuals thrive in fast-paced careers.
22. Dynamic changes in technology shape our future.
23. The dynamic duo achieved remarkable success.
24. The dynamic weather made outdoor plans unpredictable.



changing, static, unchanging, stagnant


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