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How to pronounce revival (audio)

Dictionary definition of revival

The concept of renewal, reawakening, or rejuvenation.
"The small town experienced an economic revival after the opening of a new factory."

Detailed meaning of revival

It denotes a process or period of revitalization, often in the context of cultural, social, religious, or artistic aspects. The term captures the idea of a revivalist movement or a resurgence of interest in something that had previously diminished or faded away. It involves breathing new life into an entity or practice, reviving its relevance and significance. Revival can manifest in various forms, such as the revival of a historical event, the revival of a classic art style, the revival of a forgotten tradition, or the revival of an old trend. It implies a rediscovery and a conscious effort to restore something that had once thrived, thereby sparking enthusiasm and fostering a sense of continuity and connection to the past. Revivals can inspire change, instill a sense of nostalgia, and encourage a renewed appreciation for what was once cherished or valued.

Example sentences containing revival

1. The city experienced a cultural revival, blossoming with art, music, and literature.
2. Revival of the forest, after the fire, brought new life and hope to the community.
3. In spring, nature’s revival is evident as flowers bloom and animals awaken.
4. Economic revival is essential for the prosperity and growth of any nation.
5. His soul experienced a revival, illuminating a path of peace and contentment.
6. A revival in traditional crafts has brought artisans back to the marketplace.

History and etymology of revival

The noun 'revival' has its origins in the Latin word 'revivalis,' which is a combination of 're-' (again) and 'vivere' (to live). 'Revivalis' essentially meant 'to live again' or 'to come back to life.' As this Latin term transitioned through Middle English, it evolved into 'revival,' maintaining its fundamental sense of renewal, reawakening, or rejuvenation. 'Revival' refers to the process or event of bringing something back to life, be it a concept, tradition, or spirit. Whether in the context of a revival of art, culture, or enthusiasm, the etymology of 'revival' underscores its connection to the idea of breathing new life into that which was once dormant or fading, giving it a fresh vitality and relevance.

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Further usage examples of revival

1. She led the revival of a forgotten art form, making history with her works.
2. Their love experienced a revival after years of indifference and distance.
3. The old theater's revival turned it into a hub of vibrant cultural expressions.
4. A revival of ancient philosophies can offer insights into modern challenges.
5. The garden’s revival in spring offered a sanctuary of color and life.
6. Revival of trust in leadership prompted a wave of societal optimism.
7. The team's revival was unexpected, catapulting them to the championship.
8. Community revival occurs when individuals unite for the common good.
9. With tender care, the revival of the abandoned puppy touched everyone’s heart.
10. Faded traditions saw a revival, weaving the past into the present beautifully.
11. Spiritual revival can sometimes turn the lost and hopeless into beacons of light.
12. The revival of the river, once polluted, marked an environmental triumph.
13. Old friendships, rekindled, bring a revival of cherished memories and bonds.
14. A city’s revival often begins with the resurgence of its educational institutions.
15. The musician's revival after years of silence graced fans with soul-stirring melodies.
16. Through patience and love, the revival of a broken spirit is indeed possible.
17. Historic buildings, once crumbled, now stand tall, thanks to their revival.
18. The revival of lost hopes and dreams often sparks a journey of fulfillment.
19. Nature’s revival after a harsh winter is a testament to its enduring resilience.
20. With every sunrise, we are witnesses to the world’s daily revival.
21. After decades of decline, the revival of the town’s center was truly miraculous.
22. A revival in kindness and compassion can heal wounds and bridge divides.
23. Every personal revival starts with the decision to embrace change and growth.
24. In each revival story, there lies a testament to the indomitable spirit of life.



resurgence, decline, demise, decay


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