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How to pronounce revivify (audio)

Dictionary definition of revivify

To revitalize or restore something or someone, often bringing them back to life or reinvigorating them.
"She hoped that a vacation would revivify her weary spirit."

Detailed meaning of revivify

It entails breathing new life into a person, object, or situation that has become dull, stagnant, or lifeless. When something is revivified, it undergoes a process of renewal, awakening, or rejuvenation, resulting in a renewed sense of vitality, energy, or enthusiasm. The verb implies an active effort to revive or bring back to a state of liveliness, often through deliberate actions, interventions, or transformative measures. "Revivify" can be used metaphorically to describe the revitalization of ideas, creativity, relationships, or any aspect that requires a fresh infusion of energy and vigor. It denotes an action that aims to reanimate, invigorate, or reawaken that which was dormant or fading, injecting new life and vibrancy into it.

Example sentences containing revivify

1. We need to revivify this old house with some new paint and furniture.
2. Let's revivify our club meetings with some exciting activities and guest speakers.
3. This new advertising campaign should revivify our brand in the market.
4. It is essential to revivify our traditions to keep our cultural heritage alive.
5. To revivify the garden, we've decided to plant new varieties of flowers.
6. Our teachers constantly revivify their teaching methods to make learning more interactive.

History and etymology of revivify

The verb 'revivify' has its roots in Latin, deriving from 'revivificare.' It is formed by combining 're-' (again) and 'vivificare' (to make alive), which is derived from 'vivus' (alive). Therefore, the etymology of 'revivify' is closely tied to the concept of reinvigorating or restoring something or someone to life and vitality. When you 'revivify' something, you imbue it with renewed energy and vitality, often akin to bringing it back to life or reawakening its essential qualities. This term emphasizes the transformative power of rejuvenation and is inherently connected to the idea of breathing new life into that which may have waned or diminished in vigor.

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Further usage examples of revivify

1. The renovation plans promise to revivify the worn-out theater.
2. An unexpected victory would revivify their hopes for the championship.
3. The town council plans to revivify the historic downtown district.
4. This pot of coffee will revivify us during our late-night brainstorming session.
5. A change in scenery could revivify your creativity and inspiration.
6. The rain tends to revivify the arid landscapes, bringing them back to life.
7. Her enthusiasm for the project was infectious and helped to revivify the team's spirit.
8. Can we revivify this age-old debate with fresh perspectives and thoughtful insights?
9. The cooking course was a fantastic way to revivify my passion for culinary arts.
10. Don't you think it's time to revivify our old book club?
11. The new management's dynamic strategies promise to revivify the company's sinking fortunes.
12. Yoga and meditation will help to revivify your tired mind and body.
13. She managed to revivify the forgotten recipe, creating a sensation among food bloggers.
14. A strong cup of coffee in the morning can revivify even the most tired souls.



rejuvenate, suppress, extinguish, kill


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