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How to pronounce riposte (audio)


Dictionary definition of riposte

A quick, clever, and often biting response to an attack, accusation, or criticism.
"He made a quick riposte to the insult, leaving his opponent speechless."

Detailed meaning of riposte

The term originally emerged from the world of fencing and dueling, where it denoted a quick and skillful counterattack or defensive move in swordplay. In broader contexts, a 'riposte' embodies the art of delivering a well-timed and effective comeback, displaying wit, intelligence, and the ability to outmaneuver verbal or intellectual opponents. It signifies not only a response but one that is delivered with finesse, often leaving the initiator of the challenge at a disadvantage. In essence, a 'riposte' showcases the power of words as weapons, employed with skill and precision in the arena of verbal combat.

Example sentences containing riposte

1. Her riposte to the harsh criticism silenced her critics.
2. He delivered a witty riposte to his opponent's insult.
3. The comedian's riposte had the audience in stitches.
4. His riposte exposed the flaws in the argument.
5. She had a clever riposte for every accusation.
6. The politician's riposte garnered applause from supporters.

History and etymology of riposte

The noun 'riposte' traces its origins to the world of fencing and dueling, with its etymology rooted in French. It is derived from the Old French word 'riposter,' which means 'to retort' or 'to respond.' The term 'riposte' originally referred to a quick and clever counterattack or defensive move in swordplay. Over time, its meaning extended beyond the realm of fencing to represent a sharp, clever, and often biting response to an attack, accusation, or criticism in verbal or written discourse. The notion of a swift and effective comeback, akin to a well-executed swordplay maneuver, remains central to the modern understanding of 'riposte' as a form of verbal wit and skill in replying to challenges or verbal attacks.

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Further usage examples of riposte

1. In the debate, each candidate had a biting riposte.
2. The professor's riposte showcased her expertise.
3. Her riposte to the hostile question was brilliant.
4. He couldn't help but admire her sharp riposte.
5. The lawyer's riposte was a turning point in the trial.
6. The journalist's riposte challenged the false narrative.
7. She delivered a scathing riposte to the heckler.
8. Their ripostes in the argument were intense.
9. The riposte to the insult was swift and cutting.
10. His riposte left the opponent speechless.
11. The riposte to the attack was eloquent.
12. Her riposte exposed the hypocrisy in the criticism.
13. He had a biting riposte ready for any accusation.
14. The riposte to the provocation was measured.
15. The riposte to the challenge was clever and effective.
16. She appreciated his witty riposte.
17. His riposte to the false accusation was dignified.
18. The riposte to the accusation was met with applause.
19. Her riposte to the unfair criticism was powerful and poignant.

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