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How to pronounce roborant (audio)

Dictionary definition of roborant

Having a strengthening or invigorating effect, particularly on the body.
"Certain herbs and supplements are believed to have roborant properties."

Detailed meaning of roborant

It suggests a quality of fortifying energy and improving overall physical health. The term "roborant" is often used in the context of medicine and pharmacology, referring to drugs or treatments that increase strength and vitality. However, it can also be applied to non-medical contexts, such as describing an activity or diet that promotes good health and wellbeing. Overall, the adjective "roborant" conveys a sense of physical strength and resilience, suggesting something that has a positive impact on one's overall physical condition.

Example sentences containing roborant

1. A healthy diet can be quite roborant for the body.
2. The athlete drank a roborant sports drink before the competition.
3. After a long illness, the patient needed a roborant treatment to regain strength.
4. Walking in nature can be a roborant way to boost the immune system.
5. The roborant effects of regular exercise are well documented.
6. Getting enough sleep can be a roborant way to improve overall health.

History and etymology of roborant

The term 'roborant' finds its roots in Latin, specifically from the Latin word 'roborare,' which means 'to strengthen' or 'to invigorate.' This etymology is derived from the noun 'robur,' which signifies 'strength' or 'vigor.' Over time, this Latin word was adopted into English, giving rise to the adjective 'roborant,' describing something that has a strengthening or invigorating effect, particularly on the body. Thus, the word has retained its original essence of fortifying and revitalizing, echoing its ancient origins in the quest for physical and mental well-being.

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Further usage examples of roborant

1. Swimming can be a roborant form of exercise that strengthens the entire body.
2. Meditation and mindfulness practices can have a roborant effect on mental health.
3. The doctor prescribed a roborant medication to help the patient recover from surgery.
4. The roborant properties of vitamin C are important for immune function.
5. Spending time with loved ones can have a roborant effect on emotional wellbeing.
6. Ginseng is a traditional roborant for revitalizing health and energy.
7. Fresh air and exercise act as natural roborants for well-being.
8. Music serves as a mental roborant, lifting spirits effortlessly.
9. Adequate sleep is a vital roborant for cognitive function.
10. Laughter is a joyful roborant, brightening even the darkest days.
11. Green tea is celebrated for its antioxidant roborant properties.
12. Deep breaths are a quick roborant to alleviate stress.
13. Friendship acts as a social roborant, fostering support and connection.
14. Meditation serves as a serene roborant for inner balance.
15. Nutritious meals provide essential roborants for the body.
16. Sunshine acts as a natural roborant, enhancing mood and vitality.
17. A massage is a soothing roborant for tense muscles and relaxation.
18. Positive affirmations are an empowering roborant for self-esteem.
19. Hydration is a fundamental roborant for overall health.
20. Herbal remedies offer time-tested roborants for various ailments.
21. Yoga is a holistic roborant for physical and mental well-being.
22. Adventure and exploration can be exhilarating roborants for the adventurous soul.
23. Creativity serves as a transformative roborant for artistic expression.
24. Aromatherapy utilizes scents as calming roborants for the senses.
25. Acts of kindness are heartwarming roborants for the human spirit.



invigorating, weakening, debilitating, enervating


Suffix -ant, Help and Support, Health and Physiology, Domination and Power, Health and Hygiene

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