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How to pronounce revitalizing (audio)

Dictionary definition of revitalizing

Rejuvenating, renewing, or invigorating a person, place, organization, or system.
"After a long day at work, a revitalizing walk in nature helped me relax and recharge."

Detailed meaning of revitalizing

It implies the act of restoring energy, vitality, or freshness to something that may have become stagnant, worn-out, or inactive. When something is described as revitalizing, it suggests that it has the power to bring new life, vigor, or enthusiasm, thereby positively impacting the overall well-being and productivity of individuals or entities involved. It signifies a process or effect that breathes new life into something, often resulting in positive changes, growth, or a renewed sense of purpose. Whether it relates to a physical space, a community initiative, a business strategy, or a personal experience, something revitalizing holds the potential to awaken and enliven, sparking a sense of renewal and excitement.

Example sentences containing revitalizing

1. The revitalizing air of spring breathed new life into the sleepy town.
2. A revitalizing plan turned the declining business into a thriving enterprise.
3. Her revitalizing touch awakened my weary soul, igniting a spark of life.
4. The garden, once dead, blossomed under the revitalizing care of volunteers.
5. Nature's revitalizing energy transformed his mood and outlook on life.
6. With revitalizing efforts, the park morphed from barren to beautiful.

History and etymology of revitalizing

The adjective 'revitalizing' can be traced back to its root word, 'revitalize,' which is formed from two components: 're-' and 'vitalize.' 'Re-' in Latin means 'again' or 'anew,' while 'vitalize' is derived from the Latin word 'vitalis,' which means 'pertaining to life' or 'vital.' The suffix '-ize' was added to 'vital' to create the verb 'vitalize,' meaning 'to give life to' or 'to make vital again.' This verb was then transformed into the adjective 'revitalizing' to describe the act of rejuvenating, renewing, or invigorating a person, place, organization, or system, emphasizing the idea of bringing new life or energy to something that may have become stagnant or less vibrant. Hence, the etymology of 'revitalizing' underscores its role in revitalizing and enlivening various aspects of life or entities.

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Further usage examples of revitalizing

1. The revitalizing breeze at dawn gave the sailors hope and strength.
2. His revitalizing words turned a team of underdogs into champions.
3. The revitalizing rains turned the parched desert into a blooming oasis.
4. The city, post-revitalizing initiative, bustled with vibrant, renewed energy.
5. A revitalizing massage melted her stress, invigorating her spirit.
6. The artist's revitalizing touch turned a blank canvas into a masterpiece.
7. Revitalizing sunlight kissed the earth, ending the reign of winter.
8. The beach's revitalizing waves washed away my worries with each tide.
9. With revitalizing zeal, the coach turned the failing team around.
10. The revitalizing hum of the city instilled a sense of belonging.
11. A revitalizing spa day erased weeks of stress and rejuvenated her.
12. His revitalizing laughter turned a somber room into a sanctuary of joy.
13. The forest, with its revitalizing aura, healed visitors' weary souls.
14. A revitalizing weekend getaway restored their energy and passion for life.
15. The revitalizing project turned the abandoned lot into a community garden.
16. Her revitalizing energy was infectious, inspiring all who met her.
17. The revitalizing technology turned the outdated system into a modern marvel.
18. A revitalizing diet made him feel decades younger and full of life.
19. The school's revitalizing reforms transformed its reputation and student life.
20. Revitalizing therapy turned a life of struggles into a tale of triumph.
21. The village’s revitalizing traditions kept its culture alive and vibrant.
22. A revitalizing vacation transformed their exhaustion into energy and optimism.
23. The revitalizing music turned the quiet café into a lively hotspot.
24. The revitalizing aroma of fresh baked goods filled the air, lifting spirits.



rejuvenating, exhausting, draining, depleting


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