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How to pronounce rouse (audio)

Dictionary definition of rouse

To wake someone from sleep, inactivity, or a state of rest.
"The coach's inspiring speech roused the team before the championship game."

Detailed meaning of rouse

It involves stirring or awakening someone, often with a purpose to engage or motivate them. When you rouse someone, you attempt to arouse their attention, interest, or energy. It can also refer to the act of provoking or inciting someone to action, causing them to become alert, active, or passionate about something. Rousing can involve physical actions such as shaking, tapping, or calling out to someone, as well as verbal or emotional stimulation to awaken their senses or emotions. The intention behind rousing is to stimulate a response or prompt someone into action, whether it is to wake up from sleep, become alert and attentive, or get motivated to engage in a particular task or activity.

Example sentences containing rouse

1. The loud alarm clock will rouse you from your slumber.
2. The energetic music can easily rouse a tired crowd.
3. A strong coffee in the morning can rouse my senses.
4. The coach tried to rouse the team's fighting spirit.
5. The sunrise over the mountains will rouse anyone early.
6. Please rouse me if I fall asleep during the movie.

History and etymology of rouse

The verb 'rouse' has its origins in the Middle English word 'rowsen,' which was derived from the Old French term 'reuser.' In turn, 'reuser' can be traced back to the Latin word 'recusare,' meaning 'to refuse' or 'to reject.' Interestingly, the sense of awakening someone from sleep or inactivity emerged from the idea of 'rousing' someone from a state of rest or indifference, much like how one might refuse to remain in a passive or dormant state. Over time, this verb evolved to signify the action of waking or stirring someone to action, making it a fitting word for arousing someone from slumber or lethargy.

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Further usage examples of rouse

1. His inspiring speech managed to rouse the entire audience.
2. She used a gentle touch to rouse her baby from sleep.
3. The aroma of breakfast can rouse even the sleepiest person.
4. I couldn't rouse him from his deep contemplation.
5. The sudden noise outside the window will rouse them.
6. A passionate debate can rouse strong emotions.
7. A heartfelt apology can rouse forgiveness in others.
8. The unexpected news managed to rouse everyone's curiosity.
9. The howling wind will rouse you from your peaceful nap.
10. She tried to rouse her cat from its cozy spot on the couch.
11. The smell of freshly baked cookies can rouse anyone's appetite.
12. The loud applause did little to rouse his enthusiasm.
13. It's challenging to rouse enthusiasm on a gloomy day.
14. The urgent phone call at midnight will rouse anyone from bed.
15. He tried to rouse his sleepy brother from bed.
16. The alarm clock failed to rouse me from my deep slumber.
17. She gently shook his shoulder to rouse him from his daydreaming.
18. The loud noise outside finally managed to rouse the dog from its nap.
19. The motivational speaker aimed to rouse the crowd with her inspiring words.
20. The energetic music began to rouse everyone at the party.
21. He used a megaphone to rouse the protesters and rally them to action.
22. The strong aroma of coffee started to rouse my senses.
23. The sudden rainstorm served to rouse us from our lazy afternoon.
24. The teacher's voice was enough to rouse the students' attention.
25. The patriotic speech had the power to rouse a sense of national pride.
26. The shocking news began to rouse suspicion among the onlookers.
27. The fierce competition in the game started to rouse their competitive spirit.
28. The swift action taken by the lifeguard managed to rouse the drowning swimmer.
29. The passionate plea from the charity representative sought to rouse empathy from the crowd.



awaken, lull, sedate, pacify


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