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How to pronounce sage (audio)

Dictionary definition of sage

A person who is recognized for their profound wisdom and deep understanding, often gained through extensive life experience and reflection.
"People from far and wide sought the sage's counsel, eager to benefit from his profound insights."

Detailed meaning of sage

A sage is typically regarded as an esteemed authority in their field or within a community, sought after for their insights and guidance. Their wisdom is not only rooted in intellectual knowledge but also encompasses a profound understanding of human nature and the complexities of the world. Sages are known for their ability to offer thoughtful advice, impart valuable life lessons, and provide profound perspectives that can inspire and enlighten others. Their wisdom and discernment often stem from a combination of personal growth, intellectual pursuits, and a keen awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. Sages are revered for their ability to bring clarity to complex matters, guide others on the path to self-discovery, and contribute to the collective wisdom of society.

Example sentences containing sage

1. The sage sat in deep contemplation, his eyes filled with wisdom.
2. The ancient scriptures were filled with the teachings of revered sages.
3. In the presence of the sage, one could feel a serene aura of enlightenment.
4. The sage's words resonated deeply within the hearts of those who listened, leaving a lasting impact.
5. Through years of introspection, the sage had cultivated a vast reservoir of knowledge.
6. Students flocked to the sage's humble abode, eager to learn from his wealth of wisdom.

History and etymology of sage

The noun 'sage' has its etymological origins in Latin. It comes from the Latin word 'sapiens,' which is the present participle of 'sapere,' meaning 'to be wise' or 'to have good taste.' In ancient Rome, a 'sapiens' was someone who was esteemed for their wisdom and discernment. This Latin term was later adopted into Old French as 'sage,' retaining its meaning of wisdom and good judgment. Over time, 'sage' found its way into Middle English, where it evolved to describe a person who is recognized for their profound wisdom and deep understanding, often gained through extensive life experience and reflection. The etymology of 'sage' highlights the longstanding association between wisdom and the qualities of good judgment and discernment, which continue to define the concept of a sage in modern usage.

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Further usage examples of sage

1. The sage's advice was like a beacon of light, guiding lost souls towards clarity and understanding.
2. Legends spoke of a mythical sage whose wisdom was said to have the power to change destinies.
3. The sage's teachings transcended mere intellectual understanding, touching the depths of the soul.
4. The village elders regarded the old man as their sage, turning to him for guidance in times of trouble.
5. The sage's presence alone was enough to inspire reverence and admiration in all who encountered him.
6. The old sage shared his wisdom with the young seekers.
7. She sought advice from the village sage about her troubles.
8. The sage's words of counsel were highly regarded by all.
9. In ancient tales, sages often guided heroes on their quests.
10. The council of sages deliberated on matters of great importance.
11. The sage's teachings were passed down through generations.
12. His reputation as a sage was well-deserved, given his insight.
13. The sage's presence brought a sense of calm and clarity.
14. People flocked to hear the sage's profound philosophy.
15. The sage's writings were a source of inspiration for many.
16. The young prince sought the guidance of a wise sage.
17. The sage's parables conveyed deep moral lessons.
18. Sages from different cultures shared their wisdom at the summit.
19. A gathering of sages discussed the mysteries of existence.
20. The sage's meditations revealed profound insights into life.
21. Throughout history, sages have shaped the course of civilizations.
22. The sage's age did not diminish the power of his words.
23. The community turned to the sage for solutions in times of crisis.
24. The sage's wisdom was like a beacon in the darkness.
25. The sage's legacy lived on through the teachings he left behind.



wise, ignorant, uninformed, naive


Suffix -age, SAT 5 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Wisdom and Understanding, Prediction and Foresight

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