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How to pronounce savant (audio)

Dictionary definition of savant

A person of great learning and academic knowledge in a specialized field.
"She was a phenominal savant of literature with a panoply of publications to her name."

Detailed meaning of savant

It is often used to describe people with exceptional abilities in fields such as art, music, mathematics, or memory, despite having a developmental disability or other psychological impairment. Savants are rare, and their abilities are often the result of brain injuries or neurological disorders.

Example sentences containing savant

1. The channel portrayed his as a savant of computer science.
2. He was a notorious savant in the field of applied Mathematics.
3. He is something of an ancient history savant.
4. She is a savant of phychology and has her own radio show.
5. He is a savant when it comes to fixing cars.
6. She is a mathematical savant, able to perform complex calculations in her head with ease.

History and etymology of savant

The noun 'savant' has its etymological origins in French. It is derived from the French word 'savant,' which means 'learned' or 'knowledgeable.' The French term, in turn, comes from the Latin word 'sapere,' which means 'to taste' or 'to have good judgment.' In Latin, 'sapere' was used metaphorically to describe someone who possessed wisdom or knowledge. When 'savant' was adopted into the English language, it came to signify a person of great learning and academic knowledge in a specialized field. It emphasizes not only expertise but also a deep understanding of a particular subject. Therefore, the etymology of 'savant' underscores its use as a noun to describe individuals who are highly knowledgeable and proficient in a specific area of study or expertise.

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Further usage examples of savant

1. Savants are rare individuals with exceptional abilities in specific areas.
2. Some savants have an incredible ability to remember dates and historical events.
3. The musician's talent was so great that he was considered a savant in the field.
4. Many savants have some form of developmental disability or brain injury.
5. The art savant was able to create stunningly detailed paintings despite never receiving formal training.
6. Savants often have a limited range of abilities, but within that range, they excel.
7. The savant's ability to perform complex mathematical calculations was truly impressive.
8. Savant syndrome is a rare condition that manifests as exceptional abilities in certain areas.
9. The savant's talent for music was evident from an early age.
10. Some savants are able to process and remember vast amounts of information with ease.
11. Renowned for his exceptional musical talents, he's considered a piano savant, effortlessly playing complex compositions by ear.
12. The international conference attracted scientific savants from various fields, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
13. She's not just good at math; she's a true math savant, solving intricate equations with ease and precision.
14. In the art world, he's celebrated as a creative savant, pushing the boundaries of imagination with his innovative works.
15. The young chess prodigy is more than just a player; he's a strategic savant, outwitting seasoned opponents.
16. His reputation as a literary savant is well-deserved, with a prolific output of novels, essays, and poetry.
17. The technology company's success can be attributed to its team of software savants, developing cutting-edge applications.
18. The prodigious savant astounded the academic community with groundbreaking discoveries in quantum physics.
19. A linguistic savant, she effortlessly speaks and writes in multiple languages, a true polyglot.
20. The child prodigy is a mathematical savant, demonstrating an innate ability for solving complex mathematical problems.
21. Her skills as a culinary savant are widely admired, as she creates delectable dishes that delight the palate.
22. The chess prodigy is not merely a player; he's a strategic savant, mastering the game's intricacies.
23. He's a financial savant, navigating the volatile world of investments and finance with remarkable acumen.
24. The scientific community celebrated the genius savant's discoveries, which revolutionized our understanding of the universe.
25. She's an environmental savant, dedicated to advocating for sustainability and conservation.
26. The artistic savant's paintings are highly sought after, fetching record prices in the art market.
27. The technology savant pioneered groundbreaking innovations in the field, changing the way we interact with the digital world.
28. His reputation as an architectural savant extends globally, with iconic structures that redefine urban landscapes.
29. The prodigious savant's work in the medical field has saved countless lives, earning recognition and respect.
30. The academic world cherishes its intellectual savants, whose contributions advance knowledge and scholarship.



expert, novice, amateur, beginner


Suffix -ant, GRE 10 (Graduate Record Examination), Appreciation and Honor, Education and Mastery

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