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How to pronounce salutary (audio)

Dictionary definition of salutary

Beneficial, advantageous, or conducive to promoting health, well-being, or positive change.
"The salutary influence of strong role models can last a lifetime."

Detailed meaning of salutary

When applied to actions, effects, or consequences, it signifies a positive and helpful impact, often suggesting that a particular measure or experience has a favorable outcome or lesson associated with it. For example, a salutary exercise routine can lead to improved physical health, and a salutary decision can result in positive changes in one's life. This term conveys a sense of wellness and the idea that the subject in question contributes to overall betterment or positive growth. "Salutary" highlights the potential for something to have a positive and healthful influence on individuals, systems, or circumstances, emphasizing its capacity to bring about constructive change or improvement.

Example sentences containing salutary

1. The accident served as a salutary reminder to always wear a seatbelt.
2. His time in prison had a salutary effect on his behavior.
3. The teacher's strict discipline had a salutary impact on the students' performance.
4. The doctor prescribed a salutary diet and exercise routine for his patient.
5. The financial crisis had a salutary effect on their spending habits.
6. The manager's feedback was salutary in improving their work performance.

History and etymology of salutary

The adjective 'salutary' has its roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'salutaris,' which comes from 'salus,' meaning 'health' or 'well-being.' Therefore, the etymology of 'salutary' conveys the idea of something that is healthful or beneficial. In English, it is used to describe things that are advantageous, beneficial, or conducive to promoting health, well-being, or positive change. The term 'salutary' underscores its historical connection to the concept of well-being and health, emphasizing the positive impact and benefits of something on an individual's or a community's overall health and welfare.

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Further usage examples of salutary

1. The book provided a salutary lesson on the consequences of greed.
2. The therapy sessions offered salutary guidance in managing stress.
3. The community service project had a salutary effect on the participants' sense of empathy.
4. The documentary shed light on salutary changes happening in the education system.
5. The coach's tough training regimen had a salutary impact on the team's performance.
6. The government's new policy had a salutary effect on reducing pollution levels.
7. The mentor's words of encouragement had a salutary influence on her confidence.
8. The organization's awareness campaign had a salutary effect on public attitudes.
9. The accident served as a salutary wake-up call to prioritize safety.
10. The therapy provided a salutary outlet for emotional expression.
11. The workshop offered salutary advice on managing work-life balance.
12. The company's decision to invest in employee well-being had a salutary effect on morale.
13. The judge's ruling had a salutary impact on upholding justice.
14. The art therapy sessions had a salutary effect on participants' mental well-being.



beneficial, harmful, detrimental, injurious


Advantageous and Beneficial, Middle School 1, Improvement and Deterioration

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