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promising, inauspicious, ominous, unlucky



How to pronounce auspicious (audio)

Dictionary definition of auspicious

Characterized by favorable circumstances, positive signs, or a promising beginning, often indicating a good omen or a potential for success.
"The auspicious news of the baby's arrival brought joy to the family."

Detailed meaning of auspicious

When a situation, event, or moment is described as auspicious, it suggests that it holds the promise of favorable outcomes or opportunities. This term conveys a sense of hope and optimism, signifying that the conditions are conducive to achieving desired goals or results. For example, an auspicious start to a new venture might involve a successful launch or an encouraging initial reception. "Auspicious" underscores the sense of encouragement and positive anticipation associated with a particular situation or event, highlighting the belief that it bodes well for the future.

Example sentences of auspicious

1. It was an early indication of an auspicious career.
2. The peace negotiation got off to an auspicious start.
3. It was not the auspicious introduction they were hoping for.
4. The auspicious start to the new year gave us hope for the future.
5. The weather on the day of the wedding was auspicious and the sun shone brightly.
6. The company's new product launch was an auspicious occasion.

History and etymology of auspicious

The adjective 'auspicious' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'auspex,' which was formed from 'avis' (bird) and 'specere' (to look at or observe). In ancient Rome, an 'auspex' was a religious official who observed and interpreted the flight patterns of birds to determine whether a particular action or event was favored by the gods. The belief was that the behavior of birds could provide guidance and reveal whether a course of action was likely to be successful or not. Over time, the term 'auspicious' came to describe circumstances, signs, or beginnings that were considered favorable or positive, often suggesting a good omen or a potential for success. When something is described as 'auspicious,' it implies that it is marked by promising and propitious conditions, echoing its historical association with the positive signs and omens offered by the observations of birds.

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Further usage examples of auspicious

1. It was an auspicious day for the young couple to start their new life together.
2. The team's performance on the field was an auspicious sign for the season.
3. The auspicious timing of the meeting led to a successful outcome.
4. The company's growth was an auspicious sign of its success.
5. She considered it an auspicious day to start her new job.
6. The new restaurant's opening was an auspicious event.
7. The auspicious combination of hard work and luck led to his success.
8. The auspicious alignment of the stars promised a good outcome.
9. The country's economic growth was seen as an auspicious sign.
10. The auspicious arrival of the new year was greeted with celebration.
11. The company's expansion into new markets was an auspicious move.
12. It was an auspicious beginning to their relationship.
13. The clear skies on their wedding day were seen as an auspicious sign.
14. A rainbow appearing after the storm was an auspicious start to their journey.
15. The team's early victories were considered an auspicious start to the season.
16. The auspicious news of the promotion filled her with joy.
17. The meeting's productive beginning was an auspicious sign for the project.
18. Finding a four-leaf clover is often seen as an auspicious event.
19. The company's successful product launch was an auspicious milestone.
20. The real estate market showed auspicious signs of growth.
21. The new year began with an auspicious lunar eclipse.
22. Their first date ended on an auspicious note with a shooting star.
23. The politician's speech was met with auspicious applause.
24. The scholarship offer was an auspicious opportunity for her future.


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