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How to pronounce sanctify (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sanctify

To make someone or something pure, holy, and morally cleansed.
"Confession allows believers to sanctify their souls and seek forgiveness for sins."

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Detailed meaning of sanctify

It involves the process of separating individuals or objects from the contamination of sin, eliminating impurities, and restoring a state of spiritual or moral perfection. To sanctify is to bring about a transformative change, wherein individuals are freed from the bondage of sin, their actions align with virtuous principles, and their souls are cleansed of wrongdoing. This purification can be sought through repentance, prayer, and adherence to religious or moral teachings. By embracing a path of sanctification, individuals strive to achieve spiritual wholeness, purity of heart, and a restored relationship with the divine. The act of sanctifying encompasses a profound journey of self-reflection, growth, and redemption, as one seeks to purify their inner being and lead a life that embodies righteousness and moral excellence.

Example sentences containing sanctify

1. The priest performed a ritual to sanctify the sacred relics.
2. Their love and commitment sanctify their marriage vows.
3. Pilgrims travel great distances to sanctify themselves at this shrine.
4. The ceremony served to sanctify the newborn's entrance into the faith.
5. The choir's angelic voices sanctify the atmosphere of the church.
6. Through meditation, she seeks to sanctify her mind and soul.

History and etymology of sanctify

The verb 'sanctify' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'sanctificare,' which is a combination of 'sanctus,' meaning 'holy' or 'sacred,' and 'facere,' meaning 'to make' or 'to do.' 'Sanctify' entails the act of making someone or something pure, holy, and morally cleansed. It embodies the concept of consecration and the process of setting apart someone or something for a sacred or divine purpose. 'Sanctify' is a term often used in religious contexts to signify the ritual or spiritual transformation that confers holiness and purity upon individuals, objects, or places. It reflects the human aspiration to connect with the divine and uphold the values of moral and spiritual integrity.

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Further usage examples of sanctify

1. The ancient temple was built to sanctify the gods of the land.
2. Generations have worked to sanctify this ancestral burial ground.
3. Acts of kindness can sanctify even the darkest of hearts.
4. The holy water is used to sanctify the baptismal font.
5. They performed rituals to sanctify the sacred space.
6. The priest will sanctify the marriage ceremony.
7. The holy water is used to sanctify the worshippers.
8. We must sanctify our intentions before embarking on this journey.
9. The religious leader will sanctify the new temple.
10. They sanctify their beliefs through prayer and devotion.
11. The sacred scriptures sanctify their faith.
12. The ceremony aims to sanctify the newborn child.
13. The spiritual retreat offers practices to sanctify the mind and body.
14. The religious artifacts sanctify the place of worship.
15. They sanctify their meals by offering gratitude before eating.
16. The traditions of the community sanctify their cultural heritage.
17. The sacred fire is used to sanctify the sacred ground.
18. The priest's blessings sanctify the participants' souls.
19. The ritualistic chanting helps to sanctify the atmosphere.
20. The pilgrims sanctify their journey by visiting holy sites.
21. They believe that acts of kindness sanctify the spirit.
22. The sacred music helps to sanctify the religious ceremony.
23. They sanctify their homes with incense and prayers.
24. The religious leaders sanctify the holy relics.



consecrate, desecrate, defile, profane


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