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How to pronounce bless (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'bless'

To invoke or bestow divine favor, protection, or approval upon someone or something.
"The priest will bless the congregation during the church service."

Detailed meaning of 'bless'

When someone blesses, they impart blessings or pronounce words of well-wishing, often as a religious or spiritual act. Blessing is typically associated with invoking divine intervention, guidance, or goodwill upon individuals, communities, events, or objects. It can be a formal ritual performed by religious leaders or a heartfelt expression of goodwill and good wishes. The act of blessing may involve prayers, invocations, or the laying on of hands, depending on the religious or cultural context. Blessing can also represent an expression of gratitude or thankfulness for the gifts, opportunities, or positive aspects of life. It is seen as a way to bring protection, favor, or positive energy to someone or something, conveying a sense of sanctity, harmony, or well-being. Overall, the verb "bless" encompasses the act of invoking divine favor, offering protection, and expressing goodwill towards others.

History and etymology of 'bless'

The verb 'bless' has a rich etymology rooted in Old English and carries a deep connection to spirituality and divine favor. It can be traced back to the Old English word 'blesian,' which was derived from the Proto-Germanic word 'blēsan,' meaning 'to consecrate with blood' or 'to mark with blood.' In ancient societies, the act of consecrating or blessing often involved the use of blood as a sacred symbol. As the English language evolved, the meaning of 'bless' shifted away from the literal use of blood to signify the invocation of divine favor, protection, or approval. This transformation reflects the evolution of religious and cultural practices and how language adapts to convey abstract concepts, such as the bestowal of divine blessings.

Example sentences containing 'bless'

1. Please bless this house and all who dwell within it.
2. The teacher's guidance will bless the students' academic journey.
3. In times of trouble, we seek blessings from loved ones.
4. The chef's secret ingredient seemed to bless every dish she cooked.
5. I feel truly blessed to have such supportive friends and family.
6. The warm sunshine seemed to bless the outdoor wedding ceremony.
7. May God bless you and keep you safe.
8. She asked the spiritual leader to bless her new home.
9. The elderly woman always takes a moment to bless her meals before eating.
10. The religious ceremony will bless the marriage of the couple.
11. The monk will bless the pilgrims as they embark on their journey.
12. The priest will bless the water during the baptism ceremony.
13. May the divine power bless you with happiness and success.
14. The rabbi will bless the candles during the Hanukkah celebration.
15. The shaman will bless the sacred ground before the ceremony.
16. The spiritual guru will bless the followers during the spiritual retreat.
17. The priestess will bless the harvest to ensure a bountiful yield.
18. May the angels bless you with peace and serenity.
19. The congregation gathered to witness the bishop bless the new church bell.
20. The guru will bless the meditators during the mindfulness retreat.
21. May the universe bless you with abundance and prosperity.
22. The minister will bless the couple's union in holy matrimony.
23. The wise elder will bless the warriors before they go into battle.
24. May the divine light bless and guide you on your path.



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