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How to pronounce schooling (audio)


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Dictionary definition of schooling

The formal process of education and instruction provided within a structured educational system.
"Her parents prioritized her schooling and ensured she had access to quality education."

Detailed meaning of schooling

It encompasses the activities, curriculum, and experiences that take place in educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, or universities. Schooling involves the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values through organized and systematic teaching methods. It typically follows a prescribed curriculum and is guided by educators and administrators who facilitate the learning process. Schooling is designed to impart academic, social, and personal development to individuals, equipping them with the necessary tools for their future endeavors. It covers various subjects and disciplines, ranging from mathematics and sciences to humanities, arts, and physical education. Schooling plays a vital role in preparing individuals for future opportunities, careers, and societal participation. It fosters intellectual growth, critical thinking, and social interaction, nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of contributing to their communities and engaging in lifelong learning.

Example sentences containing schooling

1. The new government policies aimed to improve the quality of schooling across the nation.
2. He cherished his memories of schooling, as they shaped his passion for learning.
3. The online platform provided flexible options for remote schooling during the pandemic.
4. The teacher emphasized the importance of regular attendance and active participation in schooling.
5. The funding cuts negatively impacted the resources available for schooling.
6. She enrolled in a specialized schooling program to pursue her passion for music.

History and etymology of schooling

The noun 'schooling' derives its etymology from the Middle English word 'scolage,' which, in turn, comes from the Old French term 'escolage.' These Middle English and Old French words were influenced by the Latin word 'schola,' meaning 'school' or 'place of learning.' 'Schola' itself was borrowed from the Greek word 'skholē,' signifying 'leisure' or 'a place of leisure where learning takes place.' This ancient Greek concept of learning as a form of intellectual leisure laid the foundation for the modern understanding of 'schooling' as the formal process of education and instruction provided within a structured educational system. Thus, the etymology of 'schooling' reflects its historical association with the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual development within a structured educational environment.

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Further usage examples of schooling

1. The schooling system promoted a holistic approach to education, encompassing academics, arts, and sports.
2. The debate surrounding homeschooling versus traditional schooling continues to generate discussion.
3. The student excelled in her schooling, earning top grades and commendations from teachers.
4. The community rallied together to support underprivileged children in accessing quality schooling.
5. The schooling experience provided a platform for personal growth and social connections.
6. Quality schooling is essential for a bright future.
7. Her early schooling laid a strong foundation.
8. Public schooling is free in many countries.
9. Access to quality schooling varies worldwide.
10. Online schooling gained popularity during the pandemic.
11. Schooling helps develop essential life skills.
12. Private schooling offers smaller class sizes.
13. Schooling is a fundamental right for every child.
14. The debate over homeschooling versus traditional schooling continues.
15. Schooling prepares students for the challenges of adulthood.
16. Equal access to schooling remains a global concern.
17. The importance of early childhood schooling cannot be overstated.
18. Schooling promotes socialization and teamwork.
19. Educational reforms aim to improve schooling outcomes.
20. Schooling should be inclusive and accessible to all.
21. She excelled in her primary schooling years.
22. Vocational schooling offers practical career training.
23. Schooling options include public, private, and homeschooling.
24. Quality schooling can bridge socio-economic gaps.
25. Lifelong learning goes beyond formal schooling.



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