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How to pronounce seldom (audio)

Dictionary definition of seldom

Occurring or happening rarely, infrequently, or with a low degree of regularity.
"The restaurant seldom has any empty tables on the weekends."

Detailed meaning of seldom

When we use the term "seldom," we are emphasizing that the event, action, or circumstance in question is not common and occurs only on occasion. It suggests that the occurrence is unusual or atypical, often contrasting with things that happen frequently or regularly. For instance, someone might say they seldom go on vacation to indicate that they rarely take trips away from home. "Seldom" conveys the sense of scarcity or rarity, emphasizing that the event or action is not a regular or common part of one's routine or experiences.

Example sentences containing seldom

1. She seldom visits her hometown, as she now lives in a different country.
2. Seldom do we encounter such a unique opportunity in our lives.
3. He seldom complains, even when facing challenging situations.
4. Seldom have I seen such dedication to a cause.
5. The old library is seldom frequented by modern readers.
6. She rarely takes vacations, so this trip is a special treat.

History and etymology of seldom

The adverb 'seldom' has its roots in Old English, specifically from the word 'seldan,' which meant 'rare' or 'infrequent.' This Old English term is related to the Middle English word 'selden' with a similar meaning. Over time, 'seldom' evolved to become the adverb it is today, describing occurrences or events that happen rarely, infrequently, or with a low degree of regularity. The word's etymology reflects its historical association with rarity and scarcity, emphasizing the infrequent nature of the events or situations it describes.

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Further usage examples of seldom

1. Seldom does a day pass without a phone call from her.
2. Opportunities like this come seldom in one's career.
3. Seldom does a student show such passion for learning.
4. They seldom venture into the wilderness without proper gear.
5. Seldom have I met someone as generous as her.
6. The restaurant is so exclusive that reservations are seldom available.
7. Seldom do we witness such a breathtaking sunset.
8. In this remote village, technology is seldom seen.
9. The team seldom loses, thanks to their strong work ethic.
10. Seldom do we find such a peaceful retreat from city life.
11. His wisdom is evident, even though he speaks seldom.
12. The artist seldom creates, but when he does, it's remarkable.
13. Seldom do we get a chance to relax like this.
14. Her talent is so exceptional that it's seldom matched.
15. The store seldom runs out of stock of its popular products.
16. The man seldom eats fast food because he prefers cooking at home.
17. The woman seldom watches TV, preferring to read instead.
18. The child seldom misbehaves, always listening to his parents' rules.
19. The woman seldom wears makeup, preferring a natural look.
20. The man seldom gets sick, having a strong immune system.
21. The dog seldom barks, preferring to quietly observe its surroundings.
22. The woman seldom arrives late to meetings, valuing punctuality.
23. The company seldom makes mistakes, thanks to its thorough quality control.
24. The child seldom complains, always finding ways to entertain themselves.
25. The man seldom travels, preferring to stay close to home.



rarely, frequently, often, regularly

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