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How to pronounce sentinel (audio)

Dictionary definition of sentinel

A person or thing that stands guard or keeps watch over a particular area or object.
"The sentinel stood watch at the entrance to the castle."

Detailed meaning of sentinel

This term is often used in military or security contexts, where sentinels are assigned to keep watch over a particular location or strategic point. For example, soldiers on guard duty at a military installation may be referred to as sentinels. Similarly, security cameras or other monitoring devices may be referred to as electronic sentinels. In a more figurative sense, the term "sentinel" can also refer to a person or thing that serves as a protector or defender, such as a parent watching over a child or a loyal friend standing up for someone in need. Overall, the term "sentinel" connotes a sense of vigilance, duty, and loyalty.

Example sentences containing sentinel

1. The security cameras acted as electronic sentinels, monitoring the perimeter.
2. The soldiers acted as sentinels, guarding the border.
3. The sentinel alerted the troops of the approaching enemy.
4. The lighthouse acted as a sentinel, warning ships of danger.
5. The guard dog acted as a sentinel, protecting the home from intruders.
6. The security guard acted as a sentinel, monitoring the activity in the building.

History and etymology of sentinel

The noun 'sentinel' has an intriguing etymology rooted in the Latin word 'sentire,' which means 'to feel' or 'to perceive.' From 'sentire,' the Latin language produced 'sentinelis,' which referred to a person or thing that was watchful and attentive. This connection between vigilance and perception is evident in the term 'sentinel,' as sentinels are individuals or objects entrusted with the duty of perceiving and detecting potential threats or changes in a specific area. Over time, the term evolved to signify those who stand guard and keep watch over particular locations or objects, embodying the idea that they are constantly aware and alert to ensure security and protection.

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Further usage examples of sentinel

1. The lookout acted as a sentinel, watching for any signs of danger.
2. The parent acted as a sentinel, keeping a watchful eye on their child.
3. The watchman acted as a sentinel, patrolling the streets at night.
4. The bodyguard acted as a sentinel, protecting the celebrity from harm.
5. The loyal friend acted as a sentinel, standing up for their friend in a time of need.
6. The sentinel stood tall at the entrance, guarding the ancient castle.
7. The lone sentinel surveyed the vast desert, watching for any signs of movement.
8. As night fell, the sentinel's glowing eyes pierced through the darkness.
9. The sentinel's presence provided a sense of security to the villagers.
10. Perched on a high tower, the sentinel scanned the horizon for approaching ships.
11. The ancient temple had a row of stone sentinels lining its entrance.
12. The sentinel's unwavering vigilance ensured the safety of the forest.
13. The sentinel's armor gleamed in the sunlight, reflecting its strength.
14. A lone sentinel perched on a branch, keeping watch over the sleeping jungle.
15. The sentinel's resolute gaze struck fear into the hearts of intruders.



guard, aggressor, assailant, attacker


SAT 2 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 6, Protection and Avoidance

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