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How to pronounce sequential (audio)

Dictionary definition of sequential

Pertaining to a logical order or sequence of events, actions, or elements in a particular system, process, or narrative.
"The instructions were given in a sequential order to ensure easy understanding."

Detailed meaning of sequential

It describes something that follows a specific and coherent progression, where each step or part builds upon the previous one. Sequentiality implies a structured and organized arrangement, making it easier to understand and follow the flow of information or actions. For instance, in a sequential story, events unfold in a chronological order that allows readers or viewers to follow the plot's development without confusion. In the realm of technology, sequential processing refers to the execution of instructions or tasks one after the other, ensuring that each action is completed before the next one begins. Overall, the term "sequential" underscores the importance of order and continuity in various contexts, contributing to clarity and efficiency.

Example sentences containing sequential

1. The instructions should be followed in sequential order for proper assembly.
2. The book's chapters are arranged in sequential order to follow the plot.
3. The athlete completed the obstacles in a sequential manner during the race.
4. The sequential numbering on the tickets helped organize the event attendees.
5. The historical timeline displayed the sequential progression of events.
6. The software update requires a sequential installation process.

History and etymology of sequential

The adjective 'sequential' is derived from the Latin word 'sequens,' which is the present participle of 'sequi,' meaning 'to follow.' It entered the English language in the 17th century. 'Sequential' pertains to a logical order or sequence of events, actions, or elements in a particular system, process, or narrative. Its etymology effectively conveys the concept of following or progressing in a structured and orderly manner, emphasizing the logical and chronological arrangement of elements. Whether describing sequential steps in a procedure, sequential chapters in a book, or sequential numbers in a series, this term underscores the notion of elements or events occurring in a precise and coherent order, one after the other.

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Further usage examples of sequential

1. The puzzle pieces must be placed in a sequential pattern to solve it.
2. The dance routine involved a series of sequential movements.
3. The project's tasks should be completed in a sequential fashion.
4. The artist's paintings tell a sequential story when displayed together.
5. The computer program processes data in a sequential manner.
6. The scientist conducted a sequential analysis of the experiment's results.
7. The company introduced new features in a sequential release schedule.
8. The sequential arrangement of the beads created a beautiful necklace.
9. The math problem required a sequential approach to solve.
10. The movie's scenes were edited to create a sequential narrative flow.
11. The musician composed a piece with a sequential arrangement of melodies.
12. The sequential organization of the files made it easy to find specific documents.
13. The teacher taught the students about sequential logic in computer programming.
14. The historical documents revealed a sequential account of the events.



ordered, random, haphazard, simultaneous


Accuracy and Precision, Clarity and Candor, Uniformity and Consistency, Order and System, Arrangement and Order

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