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How to pronounce sequester (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sequester

To isolate or separate something from its normal environment or surroundings.
"The judge ordered the jury to sequester themselves during the trial."


Detailed meaning of sequester

This can refer to physical separation, such as setting something apart in a laboratory or witness protection program, or it can refer to financial separation, such as setting aside funds for a specific purpose. When used as a verb, "sequester" implies active and deliberate action, as opposed to a passive state of being isolated or separated. The goal of sequestering something is typically to protect it, to study it, or to control its use or influence. In all cases, the idea of sequestering something is to set it apart from its normal environment and to create a situation in which it can be treated differently or managed differently from other things or processes.

Example sentences containing sequester

1. The company decided to sequester their funds in a high-yield savings account.
2. The scientist sequestered the specimens in a sterile laboratory environment.
3. The government had to sequester funds to pay for the emergency relief efforts.
4. The artist sequestered herself in a remote cabin to focus on her work.
5. The hotel was able to sequester enough rooms for the entire wedding party.
6. The accountant advised his clients to sequester a portion of their income for retirement.

History and etymology of sequester

The verb 'sequester' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'sequestrare,' which is derived from 'sequester,' meaning 'a depositary' or 'a trustee.' In Latin, 'sequestrare' originally referred to the act of entrusting or depositing something with a trusted intermediary, often in legal or financial matters. Over time, the term evolved to encompass the idea of isolating or separating something from its normal environment or surroundings. In English, 'sequester' retained this essential meaning, describing the act of setting something apart, often for a specific purpose, such as isolating evidence in a legal case or separating funds for a particular use. The etymology of 'sequester' highlights the historical connection between trust and the act of isolating or separating, emphasizing the idea of keeping something secure or apart from its usual context.

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Further usage examples of sequester

1. The CIA was able to sequester valuable intelligence from their sources.
2. The pandemic forced many people to sequester themselves at home for months.
3. The investigator sequestered the evidence to prevent tampering or contamination.
4. The estate planner recommended that the family sequester the inheritance in a trust.
5. The farmer had to sequester his livestock during the hurricane to protect them from harm.
6. To preserve rare books, the library will sequester them in a climate-controlled archive.
7. During the pandemic, people had to sequester themselves to avoid infection.
8. The court ordered to sequester the jury to prevent outside influence.
9. The company decided to sequester the top executives for a strategy retreat.
10. The art collector plans to sequester his valuable paintings in a secure vault.
11. The government will sequester the contaminated area to protect public health.
12. The spy agency must sequester sensitive documents from unauthorized access.
13. The chef will sequester fresh ingredients for tonight's special menu.
14. Environmentalists want to sequester the wildlife refuge from industrial development.
15. To ensure data security, the IT department will sequester the servers.
16. During the storm, the family had to sequester themselves in the basement.
17. The athlete needs to sequester from distractions to focus on training.
18. To maintain confidentiality, lawyers sequester sensitive client information.
19. The military will sequester the troops in a secure location during the operation.
20. The hermit chose to sequester himself in the remote mountains.
21. Archaeologists aim to sequester ancient artifacts for preservation.
22. The bank will sequester the stolen funds pending investigation.
23. The school will sequester students in classrooms during the lockdown.
24. To protect the ecosystem, authorities will sequester the endangered species.


isolate, release, integrate, unite


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