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How to pronounce seclude (audio)

Dictionary definition of seclude

To isolate or separate oneself from others, or to keep a place away from the view or presence of others.
"She chose to seclude herself from society to write her book in peace."

Detailed meaning of seclude

It implies the act of withdrawing or going into seclusion, often with the intention of avoiding contact with others, or to focus on one's self. In the context of people, it can mean that an individual chooses to withdraw from society, to live in solitude, or to avoid social interactions. In the context of a place, it can refer to a location that is hard to access or remote, and not easily visited by people. It can also imply the act of making a place private, or to close it off from the public. In general, when something is described as secluded, it implies the act of isolating or separating oneself from others, or to keep a place away from the view or presence of others with the intention of avoiding contact or focusing on oneself.

Example sentences containing seclude

1. They decided to sequester the witness to protect their identity.
2. The scientist needed to sequester the rare specimen for study.
3. The judge ordered to sequester the jury during the trial.
4. It's important to sequester hazardous materials for safety.
5. The quarantine area was used to sequester infected patients.
6. The art curator wanted to sequester the priceless painting.

History and etymology of seclude

The verb 'seclude' has its roots in Latin, specifically from the word 'secludere,' which is formed by combining 'se,' meaning 'apart' or 'away,' and 'cludere,' meaning 'to close' or 'to shut.' In Latin, 'secludere' meant 'to shut away' or 'to isolate.' As the term transitioned into English, it retained this fundamental meaning, describing the act of isolating or separating oneself from others or keeping a place away from the view or presence of others. 'Seclude' underscores the idea of closing oneself off or creating a sense of isolation, often for privacy, protection, or solitude. The etymology of 'seclude' emphasizes the concept of creating a boundary or barrier to achieve separation or isolation from the external world.

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Further usage examples of seclude

1. The government chose to sequester the classified documents.
2. They plan to sequester the funds for a future project.
3. The spa offers a secluded cabin to sequester guests.
4. The company decided to sequester employees for team building.
5. The library aims to sequester rare manuscripts for preservation.
6. He decided to sequester himself in the wilderness for solitude.
7. The archaeologists seek to sequester ancient artifacts.
8. The military base is designed to sequester classified technology.
9. The chef needs to sequester fresh ingredients for the meal.
10. They must sequester the contaminated area to prevent spread.
11. The government's goal is to sequester illegal contraband.
12. The school will sequester the students during the lockdown.
13. The authorities will sequester evidence for the investigation.
14. I often seclude myself in the study to focus on my work.
15. If you need to concentrate, why not seclude yourself in the library?
16. We need to seclude the patient from the others to prevent the disease from spreading.
17. In these times of stress, I usually seclude myself for some quiet reflection.
18. Animals seclude their young to protect them from predators.
19. Some monks seclude themselves for years to achieve spiritual enlightenment.
20. To seclude ourselves from the noise, we drove to a remote camping site.
21. Sometimes you need to seclude yourself to truly understand your thoughts.
22. Parents might seclude a misbehaving child as a form of punishment.
23. You should seclude the sick pet to avoid transmission of the disease.
24. It's not healthy to continuously seclude yourself from the world.
25. We'll have to seclude the evidence from public view for legal reasons.
26. During the renovation, they had to seclude the old furniture in the garage.
27. It's necessary to seclude the experiment from external interference to maintain accuracy.
28. In order to master the instrument, he would seclude himself for hours every day.
29. It might be best to seclude the painting in a safe location until the dispute is resolved.
30. To seclude the victim from the attacker, they provided a safe house.
31. The famous actor had to seclude himself to avoid constant paparazzi attention.



isolate, integrate, mingle, socialize


Authority and Order, Division and Separation, Residence and Solitude

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