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How to pronounce serenade (audio)


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Dictionary definition of serenade

A musical performance or composition, typically performed outdoors at night, intended to be romantic or celebratory in nature.
"The couple danced to a romantic serenade under the stars."


Detailed meaning of serenade

Serenades can be performed by a single musician or a group, and can take a variety of forms, such as instrumental music, vocal music, or a combination of the two. Historically, serenades were often performed by troubadours or minstrels to honor or court a lady, and were typically accompanied by singing or poetry. In modern times, serenades are often associated with love and romance, and may be performed at weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions. The word "serenade" is often used metaphorically to describe any musical performance that is intimate, soothing, or romantic in nature. Overall, a serenade is a musical performance that is intended to convey feelings of love, admiration, or celebration, and is often associated with a sense of enchantment or magic.

Example sentences containing serenade

1. The groom surprised his bride with a serenade at their wedding reception.
2. The musician's beautiful serenade brought tears to the audience's eyes.
3. The singer's heartfelt serenade won over the hearts of the audience.
4. The serenade played by the string quartet added a touch of elegance to the event.
5. The troubadour's serenade captivated the lady's heart.
6. The composer wrote a beautiful serenade for his beloved wife.

History and etymology of serenade

The noun 'serenade' has its origins in Italian and Spanish, specifically from the Italian word 'serenata' and the Spanish word 'serenata.' Both terms are derived from the Latin word 'serenus,' which means 'clear' or 'calm.' Originally, a 'serenade' referred to music performed outdoors at night, under a serene or clear sky. These evening performances often had a romantic or celebratory nature, as the calmness of the night provided a fitting backdrop for intimate or joyful expressions of music and affection. Over time, the term 'serenade' has come to signify any musical performance or composition with romantic or celebratory intent, retaining its connection to the peaceful ambiance of a clear, starlit night.

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Further usage examples of serenade

1. The serenade performed by the choir was a moving tribute to the deceased.
2. The musician's serenade filled the room with a sense of peace and tranquility.
3. The serenade played by the orchestra was the perfect accompaniment to the sunset.
4. The serenade performed by the street musician attracted a crowd of onlookers.
5. The singer's soulful serenade conveyed a deep sense of longing and yearning.
6. The passionate serenade beneath the starry night sky swept her off her feet, a moment they'd cherish forever.
7. Their serenade, a harmonious blend of guitar and violin, drifted through the tranquil garden, enchanting all who listened.
8. He organized an unforgettable surprise serenade, inviting a live band to play her favorite songs under the twinkling lights.
9. The serenade by the seaside, accompanied by the soothing sound of crashing waves, was the epitome of romance.
10. As the serenade echoed through the moonlit night, their love grew stronger, a testament to the power of music.
11. She couldn't hold back tears of joy as her partner arranged a heartfelt serenade in her honor, making her feel truly cherished.
12. The serenade was a beautiful memory etched in their hearts, a symbol of their enduring love.
13. The serenade they shared under the balcony was a timeless expression of affection, echoing in the quiet night.
14. Their wedding day featured a serenade by a choir, filling the church with harmonious melodies and love.
15. The serenade by the campfire added to the rustic charm of their outdoor adventure, creating lasting memories.
16. He surprised her with a heartfelt serenade during his proposal, a moment she'd treasure forever.
17. The rooftop serenade, complete with a string quartet, set the stage for a romantic birthday celebration.
18. Laughter and song filled the air as they shared a serenade of joy at the family reunion.
19. The serenade in the park united the community in celebration, a testament to the power of music to bring people together.
20. Their first dance as a married couple was accompanied by a serenade, a perfect beginning to their new journey together.
21. The festival's serenade, performed by local musicians, added to the festive atmosphere and drew an appreciative crowd.
22. The beach serenade, with acoustic guitars and harmonious voices, provided a magical ending to their unforgettable vacation.



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