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How to pronounce settle (audio)

Dictionary definition of settle

To reach a resolution or agreement, often after negotiation or discussion.
"He chose to settle for a compromise rather than prolong the conflict."

Detailed meaning of settle

Settling involves finding a mutually satisfactory outcome or settling a dispute. Secondly, "settle" can denote the act of making a decision or choice after careful consideration. It implies a sense of finality or resolution in arriving at a particular course of action or conclusion. Thirdly, it can refer to the act of establishing a permanent residence or place to live, indicating the process of finding a home or dwelling. Settling down implies a sense of stability or permanence. Additionally, "settle" can describe the action of calming down or becoming calm after experiencing agitation, conflict, or emotional turmoil. It conveys a sense of finding inner peace or tranquility. Lastly, "settle" can also refer to the act of sinking or coming to rest, particularly in reference to particles or sediment in a liquid or solid. Overall, the verb "settle" conveys notions of resolution, decision-making, establishing a home, finding peace, and sinking into a stable position.

Example sentences containing settle

1. They plan to settle in a small town by the countryside.
2. She hopes to settle any lingering conflicts with her siblings.
3. He made a decision to settle for a simpler lifestyle.
4. The couple aims to settle their differences and rebuild their relationship.
5. The explorers sought new lands to settle and establish colonies.
6. She wants to settle the matter once and for all.

History and etymology of settle

The verb 'settle' has an etymology rooted in the Old English word 'setlan' or 'setelian,' which meant 'to place in a fixed or permanent position.' This Old English term itself can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word '*satljana,' which shared a similar sense of setting or placing. Over time, 'settle' acquired a broader range of meanings, including the idea of establishing, fixing, or arranging something. In the context of reaching a resolution or agreement, the word 'settle' evolved to signify the act of bringing a matter to a definite and stable conclusion. When used in negotiations or discussions, it implies finding a solution that puts an end to a dispute or uncertainty, ensuring that things are firmly decided or established. This evolution of meaning reflects the concept of settling as a process of reaching a final and enduring resolution.

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Further usage examples of settle

1. They intend to settle their debts before starting a new business.
2. The negotiations were successful, and both parties agreed to settle the dispute.
3. The family decided to settle in a cozy cottage near the beach.
4. He hopes to settle down and start a family in the near future.
5. The travelers sought a peaceful place to settle for the night.
6. After much consideration, they chose to settle on a compromise.
7. The company offered a generous settlement to the affected employees.
8. The lawsuit prompted them to settle out of court.
9. They plan to settle in a remote village and lead a quiet life.
10. The ancient civilization chose to settle along the riverbank for its resources.
11. They had to settle on a temporary solution until a permanent one could be found.
12. The refugees were grateful to settle in a safe and welcoming country.
13. The pioneers braved the challenges to settle in a new, uncharted territory.
14. She aspires to settle her mind and find inner peace.



resolve, agitate, disturb, unsettle


Agreements and Settlements, Ending and Conclusion, Middle School 9

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