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How to pronounce signatory (audio)


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Dictionary definition of signatory

An individual, organization, or entity that has signed or is party to a formal agreement, contract, or treaty.
"The treaty was signed by multiple signatories, representing nations from around the world."


Detailed meaning of signatory

It represents a participant or a party involved in the signing process, indicating their consent, acceptance, or endorsement of the document's terms and conditions. As a signatory, one assumes certain rights, responsibilities, or obligations outlined within the agreement. The term is commonly used in legal, diplomatic, and international contexts, particularly when referring to the parties involved in the signing of significant treaties, international conventions, or legally binding contracts. A signatory's signature serves as evidence of their involvement and commitment to the document, and they are typically bound by the provisions stated within it. The collective participation of signatories signifies cooperation, consensus, or partnership in a shared endeavor or purpose.

Example sentences containing signatory

1. As a signatory, she had the authority to negotiate on behalf of her organization.
2. The agreement required the approval of all signatories before it could come into effect.
3. The conference brought together signatories of the convention to discuss its implementation.
4. The United Nations welcomed the new signatory states to its membership.
5. The document listed all the signatories at the bottom of the page.
6. Each signatory had the responsibility to uphold the principles outlined in the declaration.

History and etymology of signatory

The noun 'signatory' derives its etymological roots from the Latin word 'signator,' which is the past participle of 'signare,' meaning 'to sign' or 'to mark.' In ancient Rome, 'signator' referred to someone who affixed their signature or seal to a document, thus authenticating it. Over time, as the practice of signing formal agreements, contracts, and treaties became more widespread, the term 'signatory' evolved to describe an individual, organization, or entity that has signed or is a party to such a formal document. The etymology of 'signatory' underscores its historical connection to the act of signing and validating important written agreements, highlighting the role of those who participate in such contractual or treaty-based relationships.

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Further usage examples of signatory

1. The international trade agreement had over 50 signatories from various countries.
2. The organization held a ceremony to honor the signatories of the historic peace accord.
3. The treaty required the signatories to meet regularly to review its progress.
4. The signatories were legally bound by the terms and conditions of the contract.
5. The signatory of the treaty was the nation's foreign minister.
6. All signatories of the pact committed to environmental goals.
7. The company was a signatory to the trade agreement.
8. The CEO was a proud signatory of the diversity pledge.
9. As a signatory, he was bound by the terms of the contract.
10. The United Nations had many member states as signatories.
11. The athlete was a signatory to an exclusive sponsorship deal.
12. Being a signatory to the accord carried significant responsibilities.
13. The organization had numerous signatories to its charter.
14. The president was a key signatory of the peace treaty.
15. The trade union acted as a signatory in labor negotiations.
16. As a signatory, her commitment to the alliance was unwavering.
17. The city was a signatory in the regional cooperation agreement.
18. The signatory countries were bound by mutual defense.
19. The corporation had several signatories on its legal contracts.
20. The musician was a signatory to a record label contract.
21. She was a signatory to the non-disclosure agreement.
22. The prime minister was a signatory of the historic accord.
23. The CEO proudly announced the company as a signatory.
24. All participating nations became signatories to the convention.



participant, non-signer, outsider, bystander


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