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How to pronounce adherent (audio)

Dictionary definition of adherent

A person who follows or supports a particular belief, ideology, religion, movement, or organization.
"She remained a loyal adherent of the traditional values she was raised with."

Detailed meaning of adherent

The term can also refer to a person who adheres to a particular code of conduct or practice, such as an ethical or moral code. An adherent is generally considered to be committed and loyal to the belief or organization they follow. It can also be used to describe a person who is convinced of the validity of a certain theory or belief and behaves accordingly. The term can also refer to a supporter or a follower, in a general sense. Adherent can also be used as a noun to describe a substance that sticks to another material or surface, or a device that is attached to something else.

Example sentences of adherent

1. As an adherent of the minimalist lifestyle, she owned very few possessions.
2. The philosopher's adherent passionately defended his ideas in debates.
3. He was a devoted adherent of the vegetarian diet and advocated for its benefits.
4. The artist had a dedicated adherent who collected every piece of his work.
5. As an adherent of sustainable living, he installed solar panels on his roof.
6. The religious leader's most ardent adherent followed his teachings without question.

History and etymology of adherent

The noun 'adherent' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'adhaerens,' which is the present participle of 'adhaerere,' meaning 'to stick to' or 'to cling to.' In its original Latin form, 'adhaerens' described something that clings or sticks to a surface. Over time, this term evolved to describe people who figuratively 'stick to' or are devoted followers or supporters of a particular belief, ideology, religion, movement, or organization. An 'adherent' is someone who follows, upholds, or supports a specific cause or principle. The etymology of 'adherent' underscores its historical connection to the idea of attachment or adherence to a particular idea or group, highlighting the loyalty and dedication of those who align themselves with a specific belief system or organization.

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Further usage examples of adherent

1. He considered himself an adherent of the classical school of economics.
2. The politician's most vocal adherent campaigned tirelessly on his behalf.
3. She was an enthusiastic adherent of meditation for stress relief.
4. He was an adherent of the belief that laughter is the best medicine.
5. The scientist's adherent eagerly embraced his groundbreaking research.
6. As an adherent of organic farming, she grew her vegetables without pesticides.
7. The yoga teacher's adherent practiced mindfulness daily.
8. He was a firm adherent of the idea that education should be accessible to all.
9. The author's adherent eagerly awaited the release of her latest book.
10. She was an unwavering adherent of the principles of equality and justice.
11. As an adherent of holistic healing, she explored alternative therapies.
12. He was an adherent of the school of thought that emphasized individual liberty.
13. The environmentalist's adherent participated in conservation efforts regularly.
14. She remained a steadfast adherent of the belief that kindness could change the world.
15. He is an ardent adherent of the principles of democracy.


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