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How to pronounce sinuous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of sinuous

Possessing a gracefully curving and winding form or movement.
"The sinuous road snaked through the mountains, offering breathtaking views."

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Detailed meaning of sinuous

It suggests a quality of elegant fluidity, characterized by smooth and flowing lines that create a sense of natural, undulating beauty. Whether referring to the contours of a river as it winds through a landscape, the movements of a dancer's body in a captivating performance, or the intricate design of a piece of artwork, the adjective 'sinuous' conveys a visual and tactile sense of harmonious flexibility and suppleness.

Example sentences containing sinuous

1. The river flowed in sinuous curves through the forest.
2. Her sinuous dance movements captivated the audience.
3. The road followed a sinuous path up the mountain.
4. The snake moved with sinuous grace through the grass.
5. The sinuous lines of the sculpture conveyed fluidity.
6. Her hair cascaded down her back in sinuous waves.

History and etymology of sinuous

The term 'sinuous' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'sinuosus,' which is derived from 'sinus,' meaning 'curve' or 'bend.' This etymology underscores the essence of the word itself, as 'sinuous' is used to describe things that possess gracefully curving and winding forms or movements. It evokes the imagery of gentle, flowing curves, emphasizing a sense of fluidity and elegance in the way an object or path may twist and turn, much like the meandering course of a winding river or the graceful slithering of a serpent.

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Further usage examples of sinuous

1. The sinuous branches of the willow tree swayed in the breeze.
2. The calligraphy featured sinuous strokes of the brush.
3. The dancer's sinuous motions told a story of longing.
4. The stream meandered in sinuous patterns across the meadow.
5. The athlete's sinuous flexibility impressed the judges.
6. The cat arched its sinuous body as it stretched.
7. The river carved a sinuous canyon through the rock.
8. The road twisted in sinuous loops through the desert.
9. The sinuous melody of the violin filled the room.
10. The snake's sinuous form allowed it to slip through cracks.
11. The artist painted sinuous lines to depict movement.
12. Her handwriting had a sinuous elegance.
13. The snake's sinuous attack caught its prey off guard.
14. The sinuous coastline offered stunning views of the ocean.
15. The cat's sinuous movements were hypnotizing to watch.
16. The sculptor created a sinuous statue of a snake, capturing its fluid movements.
17. The river flowed in sinuous patterns, carving its way through the valley.
18. The yoga instructor demonstrated sinuous poses that required flexibility and balance.
19. The tree branches had a sinuous quality, bending and twisting in the wind.
20. The athlete's sinuous stride allowed her to navigate the obstacle course with ease.
21. The artist painted sinuous lines to convey a sense of movement in the painting.
22. The snake's sinuous body slithered across the forest floor, disappearing into the brush.
23. The roller coaster had a sinuous track that twisted and turned, giving riders an adrenaline rush.
24. The acrobat performed sinuous contortions that left the audience in awe.
25. The fabric draped in sinuous folds, creating an elegant silhouette for the dress.



curvy, straight, rigid, direct


Convoluted and Cryptic, Spatial Formations and Design, Shape and Form

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