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How to pronounce skullduggery (audio)


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Dictionary definition of skullduggery

Dishonest or deceitful behavior that is intended to deceive or defraud others.
"The skullduggery of the criminal organization was finally uncovered by the police."


Detailed meaning of skullduggery

It describes actions that are considered underhanded or sneaky, and is often used to describe behavior that is illegal or unethical. Skullduggery can take many forms, ranging from petty theft or embezzlement to more serious crimes like fraud or corruption. The term can also be used more broadly to describe any form of deceptive or unethical behavior, such as cheating or lying. Overall, the word "skullduggery" conveys a sense of dishonesty or trickery, and is often used to describe behavior that is considered morally or legally wrong.

Example sentences containing skullduggery

1. The company was accused of skullduggery in their business practices.
2. He was suspected of skullduggery in the handling of company funds.
3. The skullduggery of the politicians was exposed by the media.
4. He was known for his skullduggery in the stock market.
5. The bank was investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority after accusations of finncial skulduggery.
6. She was an expert in uncovering skullduggery in political campaigns.

History and etymology of skullduggery

The noun 'skullduggery' has a playful and somewhat mysterious etymology. It is believed to be a combination of two words, 'skull' and 'duggery,' with 'skull' having an old colloquial sense of 'head' or 'brain,' and 'duggery' being a humorous and fictitious term. Essentially, 'skullduggery' playfully implies that dishonest or deceitful behavior originates in one's head or mind, suggesting cunning or craftiness. While its exact origins remain somewhat obscure, this whimsical word has come to describe underhanded and deceitful actions intended to deceive or defraud others. The etymology of 'skullduggery' adds an element of intrigue to its meaning, highlighting the secretive and often manipulative nature of such behavior.

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Further usage examples of skullduggery

1. The skullduggery of the businessman was the subject of a federal investigation.
2. He was accused of skullduggery in the handling of the company's finances.
3. The skullduggery of the hackers was a major concern for the government.
4. She had uncovered several instances of skullduggery in the company.
5. The skullduggery of the group was a reason for the government to take action.
6. He was a master of skullduggery and had managed to evade the law for years.
7. The corporate scandal exposed a web of financial skullduggery.
8. Political skullduggery undermined trust in the election process.
9. His elaborate skullduggery scheme resulted in criminal charges.
10. Uncovering the truth required unraveling layers of skullduggery.
11. The con artist's skullduggery left victims in financial ruin.
12. Journalists uncovered political skullduggery at the highest levels.
13. The courtroom drama unveiled a tale of legal skullduggery.
14. Detectives unraveled the criminal's skullduggery.
15. The heist was a masterpiece of criminal skullduggery.
16. Corporate espionage was the epitome of business skullduggery.
17. The movie's plot revolved around political skullduggery.
18. The investigator was skilled at exposing financial skullduggery.
19. Her cunning skullduggery allowed her to outwit her rivals.
20. The scandal revealed a history of political skullduggery.
21. The documentary delved into the world of espionage skullduggery.
22. The whistleblower exposed a network of corporate skullduggery.
23. International intrigue often involves layers of diplomatic skullduggery.
24. The heist was a symphony of criminal skullduggery.
25. The novel's plot was filled with mystery and political skullduggery.
26. The courtroom drama unraveled a complex web of legal skullduggery.



trickery, honesty, integrity, straightforwardness


Suffix -ery, GRE 2 (Graduate Record Examination), Illusion and Insincerity, Clandestine and Conniving, Duplicity and Deceit, Guile and Manipulation

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