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How to pronounce slaughter (audio)

Dictionary definition of slaughter

To kill animals, typically in large numbers and often for the purpose of obtaining meat or other animal products.
"The soldiers were ordered to slaughter the enemy troops in the battlefield."

Detailed meaning of slaughter

It involves the intentional taking of lives, usually through violent means. Slaughter can occur in various settings, such as slaughterhouses, where animals are systematically processed for human consumption. The act of slaughtering animals is often carried out by trained individuals who follow specific procedures to minimize suffering and ensure the most efficient process. However, the term can also be associated with instances of inhumane treatment, where animals may be subjected to unnecessary pain or stress during the killing process. Slaughter can also extend beyond livestock to include the killing of wild animals for various purposes, such as hunting for sport or managing population levels. The verb "slaughter" carries a weighty and somber connotation due to its association with the ending of lives and is a topic that prompts ethical debates and discussions surrounding animal welfare, sustainability, and humane practices.

Example sentences containing slaughter

1. The butcher will slaughter the pig for fresh cuts of meat.
2. They slaughter chickens daily for their restaurant.
3. Farmers slaughter cows for beef production.
4. The hunter decided to slaughter the deer for food.
5. In some cultures, they slaughter goats for ceremonial purposes.
6. The slaughter of innocent animals for fur is unethical.

History and etymology of slaughter

The verb 'slaughter' has its roots in the Old English word 'slean,' which meant to strike or kill. The term evolved from the Proto-Germanic word 'slahan,' with similar meanings related to striking or hitting. Over time, this word specifically came to denote the act of killing animals, especially in a large-scale and systematic manner for the purpose of obtaining meat or other animal products. The transition from a more general sense of killing to the specific context of animal slaughter reflects the historical importance of this activity in human societies, where it played a crucial role in food production and sustenance.

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Further usage examples of slaughter

1. The chef will slaughter the lobster before cooking it.
2. They slaughter sheep for wool and meat.
3. The tribe will slaughter a buffalo for their feast.
4. The abattoir is where they slaughter animals for meat processing.
5. The practice of trophy hunting involves the slaughter of rare animals.
6. The ritualistic slaughter of a sacrificial lamb is part of their tradition.
7. The fisherman will slaughter the fish and sell it at the market.
8. The poachers slaughter elephants for their tusks.
9. The dog managed to escape the slaughter at the dogfighting ring.
10. The farm specializes in the slaughter of free-range chickens.
11. The ritualistic slaughter of animals is prohibited in many countries.
12. The slaughter of seals for their fur has faced international backlash.
13. The cult carried out the slaughter of innocent people in their ritual.
14. The illegal slaughter of endangered species must be stopped.



kill, nurture, protect, preserve


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