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How to pronounce dispatch (audio)


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Dictionary definition of dispatch

To send off or expedite something, often with a sense of urgency and efficiency.
"Our team will dispatch a technician to your location to fix the issue."

Detailed meaning of dispatch

When individuals or organizations dispatch, they take prompt action to send someone or something to a specific destination or to complete a task quickly and effectively. Dispatch can involve sending packages, documents, messages, or even personnel to deliver aid or assistance. Additionally, it can refer to the act of completing tasks or duties efficiently and without unnecessary delay. In essence, "dispatch" emphasizes the swift and efficient handling or sending of people, things, or actions, often to fulfill a purpose or meet a deadline promptly.

Example sentences containing dispatch

1. We will dispatch the order as soon as payment is confirmed.
2. Can you dispatch a team to fix the power lines?
3. The general decides to dispatch reinforcements to the battlefield.
4. They need to dispatch a technician to repair the network issues.
5. The company will dispatch new software updates next week.
6. The fire department should dispatch more firefighters to control the blaze.

History and etymology of dispatch

The verb 'dispatch' has its etymological origins in Middle English and Old French. It can be traced back to the Old French word 'despachier,' which meant 'to send away' or 'to hasten.' This Old French term, in turn, derived from the Latin word 'displicare,' which combined 'dis-' (apart) and 'plicare' (to fold), initially referring to the act of unfolding a document or message, often with the intent of sending it quickly. Over time, 'dispatch' evolved to represent the act of sending off or expediting something, often with a sense of urgency and efficiency. This etymological journey highlights the historical connection between the efficient handling of messages or tasks and the unfolding and sending away of important documents.

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Further usage examples of dispatch

1. We must dispatch a letter to our suppliers informing them of the changes.
2. The agency will dispatch a representative to answer your queries.
3. The manager will dispatch the inventory to the warehouse today.
4. The government decides to dispatch humanitarian aid to the disaster-hit region.
5. The captain will dispatch a rescue boat to help the stranded sailors.
6. They dispatch an invitation to the members for the annual meeting.
7. The organization plans to dispatch a research team to study the wildlife in the area.
8. The school will dispatch the report cards at the end of the term.
9. The committee decides to dispatch a survey to gather opinions.
10. The factory will dispatch the new product line to stores nationwide.
11. The customer service will dispatch an email with the details of your booking.
12. The charity decides to dispatch clothes and food to the homeless shelter.
13. The coach will dispatch a fitness trainer to help with the team's conditioning.
14. The hospital needs to dispatch more doctors to the emergency room.



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