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How to pronounce slipshod (audio)


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Dictionary definition of slipshod

Done or constructed hastily and carelessly, lacking attention to detail, precision, or thoroughness.
"The contractor's slipshod work resulted in a building that was structurally unsound."

Detailed meaning of slipshod

When a task or work is labeled as slipshod, it typically suggests a substandard quality or a lack of proper effort in its execution. This term is often applied to describe sloppy workmanship, disorganized processes, or shoddy craftsmanship, highlighting a disregard for precision and a tendency to cut corners. "Slipshod" conveys a sense of carelessness and a failure to meet acceptable standards of quality, which can lead to errors, inefficiency, or even safety hazards in various contexts, from construction to customer service.

Example sentences containing slipshod

1. The slipshod craftsmanship resulted in a shaky table.
2. Her slipshod work ethic disappointed her employer.
3. He delivered a slipshod presentation riddled with errors.
4. The slipshod repairs led to constant maintenance issues.
5. Avoid slipshod shortcuts in your project to ensure quality.
6. The slipshod writing was full of grammatical errors.

History and etymology of slipshod

The adjective 'slipshod' has an interesting etymology that can be traced back to the late 16th century. It combines two words: 'slip' and 'shod.' 'Slip' in this context refers to a mishap or mistake, while 'shod' is related to the old English term 'shode,' meaning a shoe or footwear. Originally, 'slipshod' described the condition of a person whose shoes had slipped off or were worn down, symbolizing carelessness and a lack of attention to one's appearance. Over time, this term evolved to describe work or actions that were done hastily and carelessly, lacking attention to detail, precision, or thoroughness, much like the disheveled state of someone whose shoes were in poor condition. Thus, 'slipshod' carries with it the historical imagery of a slip or mistake, emphasizing the idea of sloppy and inattentive work.

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Further usage examples of slipshod

1. A slipshod approach to cooking can ruin a meal.
2. The slipshod assembly of the furniture left it wobbly.
3. Slipshod research can undermine the credibility of a study.
4. His slipshod grooming left him looking unkempt.
5. The slipshod packaging resulted in damaged goods.
6. Her slipshod time management led to missed deadlines.
7. Avoid slipshod construction to ensure building safety.
8. The slipshod investigation failed to uncover the truth.
9. Slipshod planning led to logistical chaos.
10. The slipshod design lacked attention to detail.
11. His slipshod approach to finances caused financial woes.
12. The slipshod organization of the event disappointed attendees.
13. A slipshod attitude towards health can lead to problems.
14. The slipshod production process compromised product quality.
15. She received a slipshod report from her colleague that was riddled with errors.
16. His slipshod appearance at the job interview suggested he wasn't serious about the position.
17. The chef's slipshod preparation of the meal left several customers with food poisoning.
18. The students turned in a slipshod group project that was incomplete and poorly researched.
19. The company's slipshod approach to customer service resulted in a loss of business.
20. The author's slipshod writing style made the novel difficult to read.
21. The politician's slipshod handling of the crisis led to widespread public criticism.
22. The artist's slipshod brushstrokes detracted from the overall quality of the painting.
23. The journalist's slipshod research resulted in inaccuracies in the news story.
24. The manager's slipshod supervision of the team led to a decline in productivity.
25. The athlete's slipshod training regimen prevented him from performing at his best.



careless, meticulous, thorough, diligent


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