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How to pronounce inaccurate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of inaccurate

Contains errors, mistakes, or lacks precision in its representation of facts, details, or information.
"The newspaper article contained several inaccurate statements about the event."


Detailed meaning of inaccurate

When something is described as inaccurate, it implies that it deviates from the truth, is not completely correct, or fails to provide an exact or reliable depiction of reality. Inaccuracies can arise due to various reasons, such as human error, incomplete data, flawed methodology, or biased perspectives. An inaccurate statement, measurement, or portrayal can mislead or misinform others by presenting an incorrect or distorted view of a subject matter. It suggests a lack of alignment between what is stated or portrayed and the objective reality. Identifying inaccuracies is important for maintaining the integrity of information, promoting clear communication, and ensuring the pursuit of knowledge based on reliable and valid sources. Overall, the adjective "inaccurate" describes something that contains errors or lacks precision, implying a deviation from the truth or a flawed representation of facts or information.

Example sentences containing inaccurate

1. His prediction turned out to be completely inaccurate.
2. The weather forecast was highly inaccurate, as it failed to predict the storm.
3. The student's answers on the test were mostly inaccurate.
4. The historical documentary was criticized for its inaccurate portrayal of events.
5. The information provided in the brochure was found to be inaccurate upon further investigation.
6. The scale in the bathroom was giving inconsistent and inaccurate readings.

History and etymology of inaccurate

The adjective 'inaccurate' is formed by adding the prefix 'in-' (meaning 'not' or 'lacking') to the word 'accurate.' 'Accurate' itself has its origins in the Latin word 'accuratus,' which is the past participle of 'accurare,' meaning 'to take care of' or 'to do with care.' In Latin, 'accuratus' described something done with great care and precision. By adding the prefix 'in-' to 'accurate,' we create the opposite meaning, indicating something that is not done with the necessary care or precision and therefore contains errors or lacks accuracy. The etymology of 'inaccurate' underscores its contrast with 'accurate' and emphasizes its role in describing information, representations, or statements that deviate from precision and contain errors or mistakes, thereby highlighting their lack of reliability or correctness.

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Further usage examples of inaccurate

1. The witness's testimony was deemed inaccurate due to conflicting accounts.
2. The politician's claim was proven to be inaccurate based on available data.
3. The translation of the document contained several inaccurate translations.
4. The movie was criticized for its inaccurate depiction of cultural traditions.
5. The outdated textbook contained inaccurate information about scientific discoveries.
6. The weather forecast turned out to be inaccurate again.
7. His description of the event was grossly inaccurate.
8. The map's depiction of the terrain was inaccurate.
9. Her estimate of the project's cost was inaccurate.
10. The article contained several inaccurate statements.
11. The data in the report was found to be inaccurate.
12. The clock in the old town square is famously inaccurate.
13. The scale on the map is somewhat inaccurate.
14. His memory of the incident was hazy and inaccurate.
15. The recipe's cooking times were inaccurate.
16. The test results were rendered inaccurate due to a glitch.
17. The historian criticized the book for its inaccurate portrayal.
18. The GPS gave us an inaccurate route.
19. The survey contained several inaccurate responses.
20. His claims about the product's benefits were inaccurate.
21. The witness's testimony was deemed inaccurate.
22. The translation was criticized for being inaccurate.
23. The ruler he used to measure was slightly inaccurate.
24. The news report contained inaccurate information.
25. The model's predictions turned out to be inaccurate.



erroneous, accurate, correct, precise


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