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How to pronounce slur (audio)

Dictionary definition of slur

To speak indistinctly, hastily, or in a way that lacks clarity or precision.
"The tired professor began to slur his words towards the end of the lecture."

Detailed meaning of slur

It involves pronouncing words or sounds in a manner that muddles their individual articulation or merges them together. When someone slurs their speech, their words may become blurred or garbled, making it difficult for others to understand what they are saying. Slurring can occur due to various factors, such as intoxication, fatigue, or a speech impediment. Additionally, the term "slur" can also be used metaphorically to describe the act of making derogatory or insulting remarks about someone or something, often involving unfair generalizations or prejudiced language. In this context, slurring denotes the act of smearing or tarnishing someone's reputation through negative or offensive comments.

Example sentences containing slur

1. He attempted to slur his words after drinking too much.
2. The politician made a deliberate slur against his opponent.
3. The singer's voice began to slur as he reached the high notes.
4. The teacher accused the student of attempting to slur their classmates.
5. The chef used a knife to carefully slur the sauce on the plate.
6. Her handwriting was so messy that it looked like a slur of ink on the paper.

History and etymology of slur

The verb 'slur' has its etymological roots in the Middle English word 'slurren,' which meant to smear or make muddy. This Middle English term was influenced by the Old Norse word 'slurr,' meaning slime or mud. Over time, the meaning of 'slur' shifted from the physical act of smearing to a more figurative sense related to speech. Specifically, it came to describe the act of speaking indistinctly, hastily, or in a way that lacks clarity or precision, akin to how muddy or smeared words may be difficult to decipher. Thus, the word 'slur' captures the idea of a verbal expression that is unclear or obscured, drawing its historical association from the concept of muddiness and lack of definition.

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Further usage examples of slur

1. The artist used a brush to slur the colors together, creating a beautiful blend.
2. The comedian made a tasteless slur during his stand-up routine.
3. The detective noticed a slight slur in the suspect's testimony, indicating possible deception.
4. The pianist used pedal techniques to slur the notes smoothly.
5. The professor criticized the student's paper for containing a racial slur.
6. The journalist faced backlash for using a homophobic slur in his article.
7. She struggled to pronounce the foreign word and it came out as a slight slur.
8. The bar patron made an offensive racial slur, causing a confrontation.
9. The violinist used her bow to slur the notes, creating a seamless legato passage.
10. The actor's line delivery was so rushed that it caused the words to slur together.
11. He tends to slur his words when he's had a few drinks.
12. Please don't slur your speech; I can't understand you.
13. The tired professor began to slur his lecture.
14. It's important not to slur important details in your report.
15. She had to slow down her speech to avoid slurring her words.
16. The actor tried not to slur his lines during the performance.
17. Speaking too quickly can cause you to slur your pronunciation.
18. He was so nervous that he started to slur his answers.
19. Her exhaustion caused her to slur her sentences.
20. Avoiding a slur of technical jargon makes communication clearer.
21. The radio host began to slur his words as he got tired.
22. The politician's attempt to slur his opponent backfired.
23. I couldn't help but notice you tend to slur your speech.
24. Alcohol can cause people to slur their words.
25. The comedian deliberately slurred his punchline for humor.



mumble, enunciate, articulate, pronounce clearly


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