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How to pronounce snigger (audio)


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Dictionary definition of snigger

To laugh in a sly, disrespectful, or suppressed manner, often in response to something seen as humorous but also potentially offensive or inappropriate.
"The kids started to snigger when their teacher mispronounced a word."

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Detailed meaning of snigger

When someone sniggers, they emit a stifled, often mocking laugh that is typically accompanied by a sense of amusement at the expense of someone or something else. This term conveys a sense of smugness and may indicate that the person finds humor in a situation that others might consider offensive or insensitive. Sniggering can be seen as a form of derisive laughter, implying a lack of respect or empathy for others' feelings or sensibilities.

Example sentences containing snigger

1. The children would often snigger at the teacher's attempts at humor.
2. It's rude to snigger at someone's misfortune; show some empathy.
3. Despite their best efforts, they couldn't help but snigger during the serious meeting.
4. The prankster couldn't help but snigger as their friend fell for the practical joke.
5. The audience began to snigger at the comedian's failed punchline.
6. He would snigger whenever someone stumbled or made a mistake.

History and etymology of snigger

The verb 'snigger' has its etymological origins in English dialects. It is believed to have developed as an onomatopoeic word, imitating the sound of a suppressed or sly laugh. Over time, it became associated with the act of laughing in a sly, disrespectful, or suppressed manner, often in response to something seen as humorous but potentially offensive or inappropriate. The etymology of 'snigger' effectively captures the notion of a discreet or muffled laugh, emphasizing the secretive and often derisive nature of the expression.

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Further usage examples of snigger

1. It's unkind to snigger at someone's accent or speech impediment.
2. The group of friends would often snigger at inside jokes that others couldn't understand.
3. She couldn't hide her snigger when she saw her sibling's embarrassing moment caught on video.
4. It's important to teach children not to snigger at others who may be different from them.
5. The gossiping girls would snigger at the latest rumors they heard.
6. He would snigger at the smallest provocation, finding humor in the mundane.
7. The bully would always snigger at the quiet, introverted student.
8. The mischievous siblings would snigger while playing pranks on their parents.
9. Despite the serious topic, some attendees couldn't help but snigger during the conference.
10. The sarcastic remark made him snigger under his breath.
11. The mean-spirited classmates would snigger at the girl's fashion choices.
12. The misbehaving students would snigger when the teacher's back was turned.
13. The comedian's jokes fell flat, and all he could hear was a faint snigger from the audience.
14. He couldn't help but snigger at the unintentional humor in her speech.
15. Some students sniggered when the teacher made a funny mistake.
16. It's unkind to snigger at someone's misfortune; show empathy instead.
17. She caught him trying to snigger at her wardrobe malfunction.
18. Their attempt to snigger discreetly during the serious meeting was futile.
19. It's important to maintain professionalism and not snigger at colleagues.
20. He tried to stifle his snigger when his friend's joke went awry.
21. The comedian's controversial humor made some audience members snigger.
22. The movie's witty dialogue often led the audience to snigger.
23. Instead of sniggering, offer support when someone makes a mistake.
24. Sniggering at others can damage relationships and erode trust.



snicker, praise, compliment, admire


Annoyance and Irritation, Behavior and Conduct, Scorn and Censure, Disapproval and Disrespect

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