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How to pronounce soaked (audio)

Dictionary definition of soaked

Thoroughly saturated or drenched with liquid, typically water or another liquid substance.
"The athlete wrung out his soaked jersey after a rigorous workout."

Detailed meaning of soaked

When an object or material is soaked, it has absorbed a significant amount of moisture, becoming thoroughly wet or saturated throughout. For example, a person caught in heavy rain without an umbrella may become soaked, with their clothes and hair becoming completely wet. Similarly, a sponge left in water for a while will become soaked, absorbing the liquid and becoming heavy and waterlogged. The term "soaked" implies a state of complete saturation, where the item or person is thoroughly and visibly wet due to the absorption of liquid.

Example sentences containing soaked

1. The hiker got caught in the rain and arrived home soaked from head to toe.
2. The sponge was soaked with water, ready to be used for cleaning.
3. After jumping into the pool, the children emerged soaked and giggling.
4. The heavy downpour left the streets soaked and slippery.
5. She forgot to close the window, and the rain soaked the carpet overnight.
6. The umbrella couldn't withstand the storm, leaving its owner soaked and shivering.

History and etymology of soaked

The adjective 'soaked' finds its origins in the Old English word 'sūcan,' which meant 'to suck' or 'to absorb.' In the context of liquids, this term referred to the action of drawing or absorbing a liquid, much like a sponge absorbs water. Over time, 'sūcan' evolved into Middle English 'soke' or 'soken,' signifying the state of being thoroughly saturated with a liquid. Eventually, this transformation led to the modern usage of 'soaked' to describe something thoroughly drenched or saturated with liquid, typically water or another liquid substance. The etymology of 'soaked' thus underscores its historical connection to the concept of absorption, highlighting how language evolves to capture nuanced meanings over centuries.

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Further usage examples of soaked

1. The puppy jumped into the pond and came out soaked but happy.
2. The rain-soaked leaves shimmered in the morning sunlight.
3. The leaky roof caused the floor to become soaked and damaged.
4. The marathon runner crossed the finish line, completely soaked in sweat.
5. The sudden wave crashed onto the boat, leaving the passengers soaked and frightened.
6. We got soaked in the rain without an umbrella.
7. The sponge was soaked with cleaning solution.
8. After the storm, the yard was completely soaked.
9. She arrived at the pool party soaked from head to toe.
10. The kids came back from the water fight soaked and laughing.
11. The raincoat kept her dry while everyone else got soaked.
12. The laundry got soaked in the unexpected downpour.
13. The sponge soaked up the spilled juice on the kitchen counter.
14. The hiker got soaked during the river crossing.
15. The towels were soaked after the swim practice.
16. His clothes were soaked after falling into the river.
17. The heavy rain left the fields soaked and muddy.
18. She had to change her clothes after getting soaked.
19. The boat's deck was soaked with seawater from the waves.
20. The sponge was so soaked it couldn't absorb more water.
21. He was soaked in sweat after the intense workout.
22. The garden needed watering as the soil was bone-dry, not soaked.
23. She stepped in a puddle and her shoe got soaked.
24. The dog jumped into the lake and emerged soaked but happy.
25. The umbrella couldn't keep them completely dry, and they ended up soaked.



drenched, dry, parched, arid


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