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How to pronounce solitude (audio)

Dictionary definition of solitude

The state of being alone or isolated, either voluntarily or involuntarily.
"She sought solitude in the quiet of the forest."

Detailed meaning of solitude

It is a condition in which an individual is separated from others, and may or may not have the opportunity for social interaction. Solitude can be a positive or negative experience, depending on the individual's state of mind, and their reasons for being alone. Some people may seek out solitude as a way to reflect, meditate, or simply enjoy their own company. Others may feel lonely or isolated when they are alone, and may actively avoid it. Solitude can also be imposed upon a person, as in the case of imprisonment or exile. The effects of solitude on an individual's mental and physical well-being can vary, and can include feelings of isolation, depression, and self-reflection. It can also have a positive effect, as it can lead to self-discovery, creativity and introspection.

Example sentences containing solitude

1. In the tranquility of solitude, I find inner peace and reflection.
2. Solitude is a welcome respite from the chaos of city life.
3. The hermit sought solitude in the remote mountains.
4. Solitude allows for self-discovery and personal growth.
5. The writer cherished solitude as a source of inspiration.
6. Long walks in nature offer a sense of solitude and serenity.

History and etymology of solitude

The noun 'solitude' has its origins in Latin, particularly from the word 'solitudo,' which is derived from 'solus,' meaning 'alone' or 'solitary.' In Latin, 'solitudo' referred to the state of being alone or solitary. As the term transitioned into Middle English, it became 'solitude,' retaining its fundamental meaning. 'Solitude' describes the state of being alone or isolated, whether by choice or circumstance. It encompasses the idea of being in a secluded or solitary place, away from the presence and company of others. The etymology of 'solitude' emphasizes the concept of aloneness and isolation, capturing the essence of a quiet and often reflective state of being.

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Further usage examples of solitude

1. Solitude can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on one's perspective.
2. After a busy week, I crave solitude to recharge my spirit.
3. Some people find solace in the company of others, while others prefer solitude.
4. The old cottage by the lake is the epitome of solitude.
5. Solitude can be a valuable opportunity for introspection.
6. The artist thrived in solitude, creating masterpieces in seclusion.
7. Solitude in the wilderness allows for a deeper connection with nature.
8. In solitude, we often confront our deepest thoughts and fears.
9. Seeking solitude in a crowded world can be a challenge.
10. A cabin in the woods provides the perfect escape to solitude.
11. Solitude can be a sanctuary for those seeking inner peace.
12. The monk embraced a life of solitude and meditation.
13. Solitude can be a precious gift, allowing time for self-care.
14. Finding solitude in a bustling city can be a rare and cherished experience.
15. Sometimes, solitude is necessary for reflection and growth.
16. He found solitude in his art, working alone for hours.
17. The feeling of solitude was overwhelming in the empty house.
18. Solitude can be a gift or a curse, depending on the circumstances.
19. The old man preferred solitude to the noise of the city.
20. She found solace in the solitude of her garden.
21. The writer sought solitude to find inspiration for her next novel.
22. The silence of the desert brought a sense of solitude and awe.
23. Solitude can be a source of strength, but it can also be isolating.
24. The solitude of the mountaintop was both peaceful and terrifying.
25. Sometimes, the best company is solitude.



isolation, company, crowd, companionship

SAT 13 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 1, Residence and Solitude

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