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Definition of 'somber'

Dark, gloomy, or solemn in character, often conveying a sense of seriousness or sadness.
"The somber music matched the mournful occasion."

Detailed Meaning of 'somber'

When something is characterized as somber, it implies a subdued and muted tone or atmosphere, often associated with sorrow, reflection, or a lack of brightness. This term can apply to various contexts, such as a somber funeral procession marked by quiet and mournful expressions, a somber color palette in a painting or decor that emphasizes darker tones, or a somber mood in a room or gathering where people are subdued and reflective. "Somber" underscores the idea of something being shadowed by a sense of gravity, sadness, or sobriety, often evoking feelings of solemnity and introspection.


Examples of 'somber' in a Sentence

1. The somber sky indicated that rain was on the way.
2. The funeral had a somber atmosphere, with everyone dressed in black.
3. His somber expression revealed his deep concern for the situation.
4. The news of the tragedy cast a somber shadow over the community.
5. The old house had a somber and eerie appearance at night.
6. The somber music added to the emotional weight of the scene in the movie.

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Origins & Etymology of 'somber'

The adjective 'somber' has its etymological roots in Old French and Latin. It is derived from the Old French word 'sombre,' which means 'dark' or 'gloomy.' In Latin, it traces back to 'subumbrare,' a verb formed from 'sub,' meaning 'under,' and 'umbra,' meaning 'shadow.' In English, 'somber' is used to describe something as dark, gloomy, or solemn in character, often conveying a sense of seriousness or sadness. It is typically associated with environments, atmospheres, or moods that evoke a feeling of darkness or melancholy, and it suggests a lack of brightness or cheerfulness. 'Somber' is commonly applied to situations that require a respectful and serious demeanor, such as funerals or moments of reflection, emphasizing the need for a respectful and subdued attitude.


How to pronounce somber (audio)


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