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How to pronounce spate (audio)

Dictionary definition of spate

A sudden, abundant, and often overwhelming outpouring or occurrence of something, typically events or incidents.
"The recent spate of burglaries has left residents feeling uneasy."

Detailed meaning of spate

It is often used to describe a rapid and extensive series of events or incidents that happen in quick succession. These events can vary in nature, ranging from weather-related occurrences like a spate of heavy rainfall causing flooding, to a spate of accidents on a busy highway during adverse conditions. "Spate" conveys the idea of an unusually high and sometimes unexpected surge or influx, often implying that it challenges the normal or anticipated state of affairs. It's a term commonly employed to characterize a sudden burst or rise in occurrences, bringing with it a sense of urgency and sometimes disruption.

Example sentences containing spate

1. The company experienced a spate of financial difficulties in the past year.
2. The city is currently experiencing a spate of extreme heat and humidity.
3. There has been a spate of accidents on that stretch of road recently.
4. The artist's work has been met with a spate of critical acclaim.
5. The country is facing a spate of political turmoil at the moment.
6. The company has undergone a spate of changes in management in the last few months.

History and etymology of spate

The noun 'spate' has its etymological origins in Old Norse and Middle English. It can be traced back to the Old Norse word 'spā,' which means 'a flood' or 'an inundation.' In Middle English, it evolved into 'spate' and retained its association with a sudden, abundant, and overwhelming outpouring, much like a flood of water rushing forth unexpectedly. Over time, the term broadened its meaning to refer to an outpouring or occurrence of various things, typically events or incidents, that come in an overwhelming and rapid succession. Thus, the etymology of 'spate' reflects its historical connection to the force and suddenness of a flood, which metaphorically describes the sudden and abundant influx of events or incidents.

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Further usage examples of spate

1. There has been a spate of reports of harassment in the workplace.
2. The region has been experiencing a spate of heavy rain and flooding.
3. The school has seen a spate of bullying incidents in recent weeks.
4. The company is currently in the midst of a spate of labor negotiations.
5. The government has announced measures to address the recent spate of unemployment.
6. A sudden spate of heavy rain flooded the city streets, causing chaos.
7. The recent spate of cyberattacks has raised concerns about online security.
8. A spate of customer complaints prompted the company to improve its services.
9. The town witnessed a spate of break-ins, leading to increased police patrols.
10. A spate of new product releases has dominated the tech industry headlines.
11. A spate of celebrity scandals captured the tabloid's attention this week.
12. The recent spate of wildfires has devastated large areas of the forest.
13. A spate of accidents on the highway has raised questions about road safety.
14. A spate of resignations within the company has left management scrambling.
15. The sudden spate of illness among students prompted school closures.
16. A spate of power outages in the region left residents without electricity.
17. A spate of price hikes has impacted the cost of living for many families.
18. The spate of political protests underscores growing discontent in the country.
19. A spate of unexpected delays has pushed the project behind schedule.
20. The spate of negative reviews has hurt the restaurant's reputation.
21. A spate of exciting job opportunities has opened up in the tech sector.
22. The recent spate of home renovations is changing the neighborhood's appearance.
23. A spate of car accidents on the icy roads prompted a winter safety campaign.
24. A spate of resignations in the company's leadership has created uncertainty.
25. The spate of product recalls has damaged the brand's image.



flood, trickle, drought, shortage


Clarify and Elucidate, Events and Milestones, Extremes and Pinnacles

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