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How to pronounce spoiled (audio)

Dictionary definition of spoiled

Having been excessively indulged, pampered, or given excessive attention or privileges, often resulting in a lack of appreciation or understanding of the value of things.
"The dog is so spoiled; it only eats gourmet food."

Detailed meaning of spoiled

This type of spoiled individual may expect special treatment and become demanding or selfish. Secondly, "spoiled" can describe food or other perishable items that have gone bad or become unfit for consumption due to exposure to heat, moisture, or improper storage. In this sense, spoiled indicates a state of decay or deterioration. Additionally, "spoiled" can be used to describe a situation or experience that has been ruined or adversely affected, often due to external factors or unforeseen circumstances. It suggests that something originally promising or enjoyable has been compromised or rendered unsatisfactory. Lastly, "spoiled" can also refer to a plot or surprise that has been revealed or "spoiled" beforehand, thereby eliminating the element of surprise or suspense. Overall, the term "spoiled" carries connotations of excess, decay, deterioration, disappointment, and the loss of value or enjoyment in various contexts.

Example sentences containing spoiled

1. Growing up in a wealthy family, she was often spoiled with lavish gifts.
2. His spoiled attitude made it difficult for him to appreciate simple joys.
3. The spoiled child threw a tantrum when denied a new toy.
4. Being spoiled with luxury vacations, she rarely appreciated local beauty.
5. The spoiled heiress rarely acknowledged the hard work of others.
6. His spoiled behavior left him with few genuine friends.

History and etymology of spoiled

The adjective 'spoiled' traces its origins back to Old English, where it emerged as 'spoyled' in the 14th century. This term originally had a broader sense, encompassing the idea of being ruined, corrupted, or deprived of value. Over time, it evolved to denote the specific state of being excessively indulged or pampered, often to the point of developing a lack of appreciation for the value of things. This transformation in meaning reflects the shift from material loss to the notion of moral or behavioral decay. Today, when we describe someone as 'spoiled,' we are alluding to a person who has been overly favored or doted upon, resulting in a sense of entitlement and a diminished ability to appreciate life's intrinsic worth.

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Further usage examples of spoiled

1. Despite being spoiled with opportunities, she never pursued her passions.
2. The spoiled teenager felt entitled to everything without earning it.
3. His spoiled upbringing led to a lack of empathy for those less fortunate.
4. Growing up spoiled, he struggled to handle life's challenges.
5. She was so spoiled that she couldn't fathom the concept of budgeting.
6. The spoiled milk had a sour smell that filled the kitchen.
7. His spoiled attitude made it difficult for others to enjoy his company.
8. The rain spoiled our picnic plans for the day.
9. Her spoiled vote meant she had to fill out a new ballot.
10. The spoiled fruit attracted a swarm of flies.
11. The detective realized that the spoiled evidence could compromise the case.
12. As a child, she was spoiled with an abundance of toys and clothes.
13. His spoiled behavior was the result of overindulgent parenting.
14. The heatwave spoiled the crops and devastated the local farmers.
15. The spoiled child refused to share his toys with others.
16. The spoiled meat had to be thrown out to prevent food poisoning.
17. She spoiled her niece with gifts every time she visited.
18. The surprise party was almost spoiled when he arrived home early.
19. His review spoiled the movie by revealing too many plot details.
20. She spoiled her appetite by eating too many snacks before dinner.
21. The spoiled prince was not used to hearing the word “no”.
22. The humidity spoiled my hair, making it frizzy and unmanageable.
23. They spoiled their dinner by cooking it for too long.
24. He spoiled the book for me by telling the ending before I finished reading it.



pampered, disciplined, deprived, neglected


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