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How to pronounce entitled (audio)

Dictionary definition of entitled

Believing oneself to have a right or a privilege to something, often without having earned it.
"They felt entitled to a refund after the poor service."

Detailed meaning of entitled

It can also refer to a feeling of being deserving of special treatment or attention due to one's perceived status or accomplishments. For example, a person who is "entitled" may expect preferential treatment or services simply because they believe they are entitled to them. This sense of entitlement can be seen as a negative trait, as it often reflects an attitude of entitlement without consideration for others. In contrast, someone who is not "entitled" may be seen as humble or grateful for what they have, and may work hard to earn the things they desire.

Example sentences containing entitled

1. After years of hard work, she felt entitled to a long, relaxing vacation.
2. The entitled attitude of the new employee rubbed his colleagues the wrong way.
3. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.
4. Despite his entitled demeanor, he had not actually achieved much on his own.
5. She felt entitled to a promotion after dedicating so many years to the company.
6. The entitled customer demanded a refund without providing a valid reason.

History and etymology of entitled

The adjective 'entitled' is derived from the verb 'entitle,' which has its origins in Old French 'entituler,' meaning 'to give a title to.' 'Entitle' entered the English language in the late 14th century. 'Entitled' describes believing oneself to have a right or a privilege to something, often without having earned it. The etymology of 'entitled' effectively conveys the idea of bestowing a title or claiming a specific status or privilege, sometimes with an expectation of special treatment. Whether used to describe someone feeling entitled to special treatment, entitled to privileges, or entitled to resources, this term underscores the sense of presumption or arrogance that can accompany a belief in one's inherent right to something.

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Further usage examples of entitled

1. He acted as though he was entitled to special treatment just because he was the CEO's son.
2. The government believes that every citizen is entitled to basic healthcare services.
3. The entitled generation expects everything to be handed to them on a silver platter.
4. Just because you are rich, doesn't mean you are entitled to disrespect others.
5. The entitled actor threw a tantrum when he didn't get the lead role.
6. The university has a program for students who are entitled to financial aid.
7. She has an entitled attitude, always expecting people to cater to her every whim.
8. The entitled heiress squandered her fortune without a second thought.
9. The entitled student expected to pass the exam without studying.
10. The manager had an entitled approach, thinking he could make decisions without consulting his team.
11. The entitled influencer demanded free products in exchange for a social media post.
12. The entitled politician thought he was above the law and could do as he pleased.
13. Some celebrities feel entitled to preferential treatment due to their fame.
14. The entitled mindset of the elite class often leads to a disconnect with the struggles of ordinary people.



privileged, unentitled, undeserving, humble

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